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Photo of Tsuki


Lead Mascot Cat

One of the founding members of KuroNekoCon, Tsuki has been serving as the face of the convention since the first year in 2009, and she loves to spend all year working to make KuroNekoCon the best it can possibly be. After all, what would “KuroNekoCon” be without our beloved black cat?

About Tsuki: Loves traditional Japanese fashion, spends too much time on facebook, lots of cat naps, prefers the manga.

Photo of Tsuki


Mascot Cat

Separated at birth, Tsuki’s twin brother Hoshi found his way back to Tsuki at OutSpokane Pride Festival in 2018 where he could first be seen on the Trans Pride buttons. He officially joined KuroNekoCon at the 2019 convention, where he founded the Find Hoshi scavenger hunt.

About Hoshi: J-Fashion Enthusiast, takes tons of instagram photos, little ball of energy, only watches subs.

Board of Directors

Oliver Besancon

Chair of Board

Departments: Supervises all assets, business, and affairs of KNCA.

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Jaimie Smith

Vice Chair

Departments: Assists in supervising all assets, business, and affairs of KNCA.

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Quincey Miracle


Departments: All record keeping.

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Departments: All funding related inquiries.

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Autumn Kovacich

Programming Director

Departments: Panels, Cosplay Events, Stage, AMVs, Dances, Manga Library, Karaoke, Creative Activities, Gaming

Chibi Art made by a Board Member

Camie Anderson

Marketing Director

Departments: Photo, Video, Merchandising, Graphic Design, Street Team

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Rebecca Pike

Membership Director

Departments: Web, Registration

Photo of Board Member

“Frye” Matt Nichols

Operations Director

Departments: Hoshi’s Helpers (Volunteers), Tsuki Brigade, Dispatch, Events Technical, General Information, Peace Bonding

PHoto of Board Member

Angelica “Angel” Tesch

Engagement Director

Departments: Social Media

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Human Resources

Departments: Assists in all departments.