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A Letter to Our Potential Sponsors

Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor for the KuroNeko Cultural Association! We want to express our deepest gratitude to you and all of your associates for giving us this consideration. As a non-profit organization, sponsorship helps us put on events like KuroNekoCon and develop charitable community outreach programs.

When you sponsor an organization like ours, there are some things we like to do to show our gratitude. The graphic below summarizes our sponsorship tiers:

Sponsorship graphic 34

Advertising with us is a valuable opportunity for both of us. We get a new friend to shower with love and gratitude, and with a considerable social media presence in the community, as well as a total attendance of 2,635 people in 2017, each of whom are given a souvenir program, you get a lot of visibility in a loyal community. Comped badges also give you and your associates or clients an opportunity to come check us out in person.

Our dedicated attendee base comes from all over the Pacific Northwest. For our tenth anniversary this upcoming summer we are expecting that number to grow substantially. For non-spokane-locals, we like to include a list of recommended places to go, things to do, and local sights to see in our program. That's our “rec list.” For Tsuki's Best Friends, it's our pleasure to include your business on that list! What are friends for, right?

Last, but not least, every one of our sponsors, regardless of their tier choice, will receive a package from us to you! You can expect a collectable plush of our mascot, Tsuki, as well as a certificate proclaiming you as a proud sponsor of our organization.

Not interested in sponsorship, but still want to support KNCA? Great! You can make a donation here:

Sponsors and Special Thanks

Our sponsors encompass a variety of industries and are a tremendous help to our organization. Please take the time to learn more about them and show your appreciation for their generosity by visiting their businesses.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help support KuroNeko Cultural Association and promote your business at our events please contact