2024 LipSync Contest Rules/Guidelines

Last Updated: 5/16/2024

General Info

  • Participants must follow the Attendee Code of Conduct outlined here: https://kuronekocon.com/policies
  • Participants must be registered attendees of KuroNekoCon 2024.
  • Cosplay is not required, but highly encouraged.
  • Contestants must keep in contact with the Cosplay Events Coordinator and respond to emails that are sent in regards to applications/practices to remain eligible to participate on stage at the convention. Please make sure to respond to applicable emails!

Lip Sync Info

  • A brief Lip Sync Battle Rehearsal will be held directly before the show.  Participants are required to attend rehearsal to check in and confirm that they will be participating. This rehearsal may not be a full run-through due to time constraints.
  • Song time limit is 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Songs that are slightly over or slightly under by up to 10 seconds may be allowed depending on the number of applicants at the end of the application period. 
  • Contestants are chosen on a first-come first-serve basis. Because this is a popular event, we may not be able to change your song choices after you apply, so apply carefully. Withdrawing your application and re-applying will not put an applicant back in the same spot in the applicant order. 
  • Song choice must adhere to KNC’s code of conduct, especially with language choice. A ‘clean’ or censored version of your song may be chosen by the Cosplay Events Coordinator if your song does not comply with the attendee code of conduct. Final song decisions are ultimately at the discretion of the Cosplay Events Coordinator or Cosplay Events Committee. 

Stage Info

  • Anything that comes on stage with you must come off stage with you. This includes but is not limited to confetti, glitter, or any liquids. Anything that cannot be easily picked up is not welcome on-stage.
  • Acrobatics that may harm our lighting/equipment, or jumping off stage will not be permitted. Mock fighting is allowed but should be well choreographed to prevent injury. The Cosplay Event Coordinator reserves the right to veto choreography if they deem it unsafe.
  • All props must be Peace Bonded.  Prop usage should conform to the policies set forth in the Peace Bonding Agreement, however, props may be incorporated into choreographed fight scenes. The Cosplay Event Coordinator reserves the right to veto the use of any prop if they deem it unsafe.


Strikes can be issued for many reasons that include but are not limited to, breaking a rule/guideline, no/show to an accepted application, not adhering to the Attendee Code of Conduct, etc.

  • 1st Panel Strike (PS)= Warning, no limitations applied
  • 2nd PS= Priority is lost in approvals
  • 3rd PS= Privilege revoked, cannot submit applications (up to 2 years depending on severity)

Strikes disappear at a rate of 1 per year after being issued.

KNC Programming reserves the right to issue additional/multiple PS for any situation deemed necessary