Lip Sync Battle

Lights, Camera, DANCE. Lip Sync to your favorite songs and move the audience to tears, laughter, and thunderous applause! We can’t wait to see how you take the stage with your performance!


Tsuki Jayy (They/She)

Meet TsukiJayy! As a Cosplayer of 15 years, they’ve taken their hobby to further their passion for crafting, makeup, performing on stage, and recently mermaiding! They’ve been performing in lip syncs across multiple conventions for over 7 years, which included being a drag performer for a short time. Nothing brings them more joy at a con than entertaining a crowd and seeing their dear friends.

Yu Puffin (He/They)

Yu is a cosplayer and performer local to the Pacific Northwest. They have been active at fandom events across the region and beyond since 2012, including dozens of on-stage and virtual appearances, with KuroNekoCon 2018 marking their cosplay lip sync battle debut. Their emotive, dynamic performances combine a musical theatre background with training in a range of dance styles such as modern/contemporary and breaking. When they’re not goofing off in front of a crowd, Yu is often seen inspiring appreciation for other cosplayers as the audience’s tenacious “hype man.

Kai Lockhart (They/Them)

Kai Lockhart, a cosplayer of 13 years and a drag performer for 8, brings the chaotic fun and laughs with every performance. A Lip Sync host for multiple 18+ events, they bring the fun and funny everywhere they go, being ecstatic to return to KuroNekoCon after so long. Now residing in Texas, they still bring the heat every time.


Uptown Cosplay (They/He)

Since starting their cosplay journey 2012, Uptown Cosplay has been combining their favorite hobbies into one—cosplay, acting, dance, and crafting—in bringing characters to life. They have been entertaining audiences with lively in-character panels and renowned lip sync performances at conventions nearly since the beginning and developed a broad and supportive community on social media and YouTube. Uptown shares their work and experiences online so that anyone can enjoy them, regardless of whether they can attend conventions or not

Lip Sync Battle Applications are open! You can submit your application through the link below.

Slots are limited so make sure to get your submission in asap!
We can’t wait to see your performances hit the stage!