Cosplay Contest Rules/Guidlines

2024 Cosplay Contest Rules/Guidelines

Last Updated:5/22/24

KuroNekoCon is hosted by the KuroNeko Cultural Association (KNCA). By participating in a

KuroNekoCon event, participants agree to the following:



Participants must follow the Attendee Code of Conduct. It is the sole discretion of KNCA and the Cosplay Events Coordinator to decide whether a costume, or any other content is acceptable. Please see for more information.

Attendees and Volunteers

Participants must be attendees or volunteers of KuroNekoCon.

Props and Peace Bonding

All props must be Peace Bonded. Prop usage must conform to the policies set forth in KNCA’s Peace Bonding Agreement. 

Props may be incorporated into choreographed scenes. 

The Cosplay Event Coordinator reserves the right to veto the use of any prop if they deem it unsafe.


Please remember that all KNCA events are family friendly. Please refer to the Attendee Code of Conduct regarding costumes and attire.

It is the sole discretion of KNCA and the Cosplay Events Coordinator to decide whether a costume is acceptable. If you are not sure if something would be acceptable, please check with the Cosplay Event Coordinator prior to judging and practice.

Formal Judging

Formally judged participants are required to attend their division’s judging session. Participants who fail to attend their division’s judging session will be automatically disqualified.

  • Part 1: Youth, Novice, Original Design
  • Part 2: Intermediate, Expert

Practice Sessions

All cosplay event participants must attend their Cosplay Contest Practice session(s). Failure to attend a practice session may result in disqualification.

Stage Safety

Acrobatics that may harm our lighting/equipment or jumping off stage will not be permitted. 

Mock fighting is allowed but should be well choreographed to prevent injury. The Cosplay Event Coordinator reserves the right to veto choreography if they deem it unsafe.

Stage Time

Be prepared to limit your time on-stage to 30-60 seconds. This time may be subject to change depending on the number of participants competing in the contest.


“Stage Ninjas” are available to assist contestants on-stage. 

If you require assistance getting on and off the stage, a staff member can help you. Please indicate on your application if you will need this type of assistance. KNCA is all-inclusive and will do everything in its power to ensure mobility issues are accommodated.

Reference Pictures

Reference pictures of your character are required for judging and to show on the projectors during your walk. Please submit the highest quality full body images possible so that the judges can compare your costume to an image of your character.

Contestant Limit

There is a 60-person limit for participants due to space constraints. This will be decided on a first come first served basis. Anyone who applies after the 60-person limit is reached will be put on a waiting list.

Stage Cleanup

Anything that comes on stage with you must come off stage with you. This includes but is not limited to props, costume parts, confetti, glitter, or any liquids. Anything that cannot be easily picked up cannot come on-stage.

Costume Win Limit

The same costume cannot win a KuroNekoCon cosplay contest more than once.

  •  If significant changes to a cosplay are made (if the contestant has improved in skill and wishes to showcase their more advanced abilities), at least 50% of the costume must have been changed or improved. 
    • Any questions on this process may be directed to the cosplay events coordinator.



Strikes can be issued for many reasons that include but are not limited to, breaking a rule/guideline, no/show to an accepted application, not adhering to the Attendee Code of Conduct, etc.

  • 1st Panel Strike (PS)= Warning, no limitations applied
  • 2nd PS= Priority is lost in approvals
  • 3rd PS= Privilege revoked, cannot submit applications (up to 2 years depending on severity)

Strikes disappear at a rate of 1 per year after being issued.

KNC Programming reserves the right to issue additional/multiple PS for any situation deemed necessary.

Please direct any questions to