Other Main Events

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Find something fun to do at KuroNekoCon! These are KNC Staff hosted events hosted every year to bring even more opportunities to your convention going experience. Drop by and experience something new!
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Opening Ceremonies

Join KuroNeko Cultural Association as we welcome in KuroNekoCon 2020 with special performances, guest introductions, and general convention shenanigans!

Closing Ceremonies

Help us send away another great KNC with convention highlights, special performances, contest winners, and general hilarity born from a long weekend of non-stop nerdy goodness.

Charity Auction

Support our local charities and discover awesome, exclusive items all at the same time. 
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Tsuki’s Kawaii Tea Party

Join Tsuki for an event to celebrate all kinds of J-Fashion, from Lolita to Decora and everything in between! Hosted in our Manga Library, we encourage anyone with a love for Japanese Fashion to come and enjoy a cup of tea and a cupcake while chatting and swapping tips with friends new and old!
Tickets will be pre-sold online for this event.
Guests receive hot tea, a kawaii goodie bag, and a raffle ticket for a chance to win larger items.

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Escape Room

These last two years of hosting an escape room at KuroNekoCon has been a blazing success! Due to the popularity this year we are ramping things up a notch to keep things interesting. The time limit is increasing by 10 minutes and we are also introducing split teams. Instead of one group working together, there will be two groups working together separated by a wall. Don’t fret, there will be unique ways to communicate with the other half of your team if you get stuck! With 30 minutes on the clock, and plenty of creative puzzles to solve, this is an event you don’t want to miss!
Sign-ups will be held at the Info Booth where you can put your name down for a time slot that same day. If you have a VIP Pass you will be able to sign up on Thursday at Special Badge Pick Up for any time slot through the weekend.

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Karaoke & Karaoke Idol

Sing your heart out! Join us to perform or just enjoy the entertainment.

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Manga Library

The Manga Library is a quiet space where you can take a rest from the convention bustle. Whether you want to re-read one of your favorite series, pick up something new, or simply enjoy the calm atmosphere, the Manga Library is here to give you a space away from the chaos.