Guests of honor

Guest Announcement: Ciarán Strange

Ciarán is a 🇬🇧 🏳️‍⚧️ actor/musician; AKA: Lor in #Borderlands, Hazel/Sawyer in #MonsterProm, Denji (young) in #ChainsawMan, Ashito in #AOASHI, Misaki in #Tomochan, Pairin in #ApothecaryDiaries, Louis in #VANITAS, & more!
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Guest Announcement: Uptown cosplay

We are happy to welcome Uptown Cosplay back to the roster for KNC 2024!
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Guest Announcement: Maddy Kate Cosplay

Maddy Kate Cosplay is a professional cosplayer going on 10 years of her craft and 5 years of work experience!
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Guest Announcement: Morgan Berry

We are excited to announce the talented Morgan Berry as a Voice Actor Guest of Honor for KuroNekoCon 2024!!! Special thanks to Lilac City Comic Con for sponsoring her appearance!

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Guest Announcement: Starshine Maid Cafe

Another friend joins the fray! A message from Starshine: Hello Daydreamers and Stargazers!
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Guest Announcement: Buhurt

Buhurt: Seattle Vagabonds, Bellingham Barbarians, & The Idaho Armored Combat Team the Rat Pack Buhurt is an international armored combat sport where fighters engage in full contact combat wearing and bearing historically accurate arms and armor, with some modernization for safety and sport optimization.
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Guest Announcement: Inland Northwest Amtgard

Amtgard is a Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) and boffer combat society focused on the Sword & Sorcery, Medieval and Ancient genres. Amtgard uses safe, foam-padded replicas of Medieval weaponry to bring to life the tabletop or video game experience many are familiar with
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Guest Announcement: Neato Dragito

Join us in welcoming Neato Dragito who will be hosting our Drag Show! Neato Dragito is an all ages drag show that happens at Neato Burrito once a month. Fun themes, and open cast, it is the perfect place to enjoy some alternative drag fun or to start your own journey in drag! Produced and hosted by Fanny DeVito, you never know what you'll get.
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DJ JimniCricket hosting at the KuroNekoCon Dance

DJ JimniCricket is spicing up the Pacific NW with her unique take on happy hardcore! With her passion for the music and creative approach, DJ JimniCricket brings an exciting new energy to the happy hardcore scene in the Pacific Northwest and beyond!
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Guest Anouncement: Lori Collins

Lori Collins is an anime and fantasy illustrator from Kent, Washington. She specializes in digital and watercolor work with clean lines, vibrant colors and really crazy-impossible hair.
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Guest Panels

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Morgan Berry

What does it take to break into the professional voice acting industry? Learn from professional voice actor Morgan Berry and get prepared for the world of voice-over!

Let’s chat! Ask Morgan questions and get answers!

Uptown Cosplay

UPtown Cosplay: Lip Sync Workshop

Join Uptown Cosplay for a demonstration of their creative process in choreographing a lip sync performance live onstage! Through collaborating with the audience for ideas, Uptown will use their lip sync experience of 8 years and over 13 years of dance training to illustrate how to make your moves flow and give helpful tips on polishing a performance that anyone can use. Come watch for fun and maybe learn something new!

Have you ever been styling a wig and feel like you just can’t quite get the shape to quite match the character? If you want to your wig to level up your cosplay a little more Uptown Cosplay is here to get you started with a starter pack of wig know-how! This laid back and fun demonstration will cover what tools you need and techniques to help you make feathered cuts, create spikes, and add volume or texture.

Uptown Cosplay: Photo-Op at KNC Backdrop

Come take a photo and chat with Uptown Cosplay at KNC’s Backdrop next to the Info Booth at 3pm Sunday!

Lori COllins

Anyone can draw. Yes, even you. Join Lori Collins, illustrator, in this 2 hour panel geared toward beginners who don’t know where to start, gain the building blocks and foundational skills that will help you forever. Leave this workshop feeling more confident in your over-all ability. And you will be able to draw hands. Yes. Really!

ID CHECK REQUIRED People are weird, wonderful and occasionally disturbing. Sitting behind an artist alley table, you really do see it all. After 17 years behind that table, Lori Collins shares her tales of triumph and woe, and invites others to share their own horrors and pains as we all give one another emotional damage and make some new (and hopefully better) memories.

ID CHECK REQUIRED You’ve heard the whispers in the halls. Legends that describe unspeakable horrors in the form of fanfic, read aloud to innocent con-goers like you. Are you prepared for the pain? No. Survive, and you will have your own tale to tell as you walk the halls of the convention floor, forever changed.


Maddy Kate Cosplay: Photo-Op at KNC Backdrop

Come take a photo and chat with Maddy Kate Cosplay at KNC’s Backdrop next to the Info Booth at 5pm Friday!

Maddy Kate Cosplay: 18+ Do they TWIN?

Follow social media present twin cosplayers Porkcutlett and Maddy Kate Cosplay as they discuss twin characters in media such as video games, animes, movies, comics, and more. Together, they explain the trivial distinction between what being (identical) twins is actually like, myths about twins, and the typical twin tropes in media and if they’re true! Lots of laughs, screams, big opinions, and of course… the raunchy twin side of the internet..

Ciarán Strange

Ciarán Strange: Somewhere Under The Rainbow: LGBTQIA+VO

Voice actor, musician, artist, author, immigrant… transgender human. When you’re an LGBTQIA+ creative, every single audition and opportunity is a process of breaking unfamiliar and often untrodden ground, and Ciarán Strange is here to talk about the reality of it — the good, the bad, and the heart-warming! — as well as celebrate some of your favourite queer media with you.

Ciarán Strange: 18+ ANIME MADLIBS!!

Remember Madlibs as a kiddo? Well, this is that, but with, like… anime. And video games. And cosplay. And music, and movies, and memes, and everything else that makes this convention what it is! Bring your best characters, places, objects, and other obscure references, as we weave stories that will either delight… or devolve into something, er, else. STRICTLY NO AUDIO/VIDEO RECORDING DURING THIS PANEL.

Ciarán Strange: Taking Sides: How To Record An Extraordinary Audition!

What goes into an audition? Or, more specifically, what goes into an audition that can go mic-to-mic with potentially thousands?? In the world of voiceover, an actor has less than half a minute to make an impression — so I’m gonna share some of my favourite tips, tricks, and secrets, and show you how to harness those precious seconds in an audition that truly stands out!

Ciarán Strange: We’re British & Canadian — Ask Us (Almost) Anything!

Ciarán Strange may sound mostly American when he dubs anime, but IRL, it’s nothing but a cunning disguise. In actuality, he left his English fishing village behind at the tender age of 17 to chase his dreams across the Atlantic — and he’s here with bestselling author KT Strange, a born and bred maple-syrup chugging Vancouverite, to answer any burning questions about some of your commonwealth cousins!