All console and arcade games are free to play! Come sit, stand, dance or relax as you engage yourself in your world of choice. Play, share and compete in the many varieties of games and tournaments that we offer!

Gaming Lending Agreement

We are now accepting lenders for gaming equipment to be used for KNC 2019! The gaming rooms wouldn’t be possible without the support of attendees who are willing to share their equipment with the community for the weekend. Lenders receive complimentary membership to KuroNekoCon. Contact for questions.

Console, PC, & Arcade Gaming Events

KuroNekoCon is proud to offer a wide range of special events, demonstrations, socials, and tournaments for both competitive and Casual gamers. Check back closer to the convention for a schedule of gaming events.

Card, Board, & Tabletop Gaming

We will have a selection of board games to check out, card and tabletop demos and tournaments, as well as traditional games such as Mahjong for your enjoyment! Check back closer to the convention for a list of available games and events..

Game Masters & DMs

KuroNekoCon is seeking experienced Game Masters and DM’s to host tabletop content for KNC! Game Masters must be willing to host at least one 4-hour session. The Game Master Application will be open soon. Contact for questions.


Free-to-Play Japanese and American arcade cabinets will be available to fill the gaping hole left in your hearts by the absence of the arcades of your childhood.

Check back closer to the convention for a full list of available arcade cabinets.