Fan Panels

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KuroNekoCon Age Rating System:

Suitable for All Ages: No cursing, no suggestive themes, light slapstick humor
KNC 13+: Possible light cursing, some suggestive themes, light raunchy humor, adventure violence.
18+ Panel: Attendees must be 18 years of age or older to attend this event. Photo ID will be required for entry. Possible cursing, mature themes, raunchy humor, more intense violence.

Panel Descriptions

Anime Idol Dance Lesson!
Do you love idols? Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance like your favorite anime idols? Whether you are a experienced dancer or a complete beginner this panel is for you! Learn to sparkle just like your favorite idols!!
Suitable for All Ages

Asra’s Ask the Arcana Hour
A Q&A session with characters from The Arcana, plus some extra activities such as tarot readings and other magical fun!
KNC 13+

Battle of the Fandoms
WE’RE BACK GUYS! For a third year in a row Battle of the Fandoms is back and better then ever- with NEW TEAMS! Welcoming everyone, old and new, to join in this years audience participation mini-game tournament as 6 new teams battle it out to be crowned this years CHAMPION FANDOM!
KNC 13+

Bologna Day (Sally Face)
For one day only, your favorite characters are alive and mentally stable! Enjoy it while it lasts. NO BOLOGNA ALLOWED!!
KNC 13+

Childhood Memories
Hey kiddos and adults! Ever wanna interact with your favorite cartoon character’s? Well now here’s your chance! As cartoon network comes alive right before your eyes. Join us for some fun triva and activities. Hope to see you there!
Suitable for All Ages

Danganronpa Class Trials!
It’s time for the killing game! Come join us for the ultimate game of hope and despair as we’ll find out who’s the murder though games and Q&A
KNC 13+

Dating Game
The Annual Dating Game. Back for another round of whose behind the curtain. The answer may surprise you. This is a crowd participation game, with Contestants being chosen at the time of panel. No sign up required.
KNC 13+

Gundam Building 101
Histoy of gundam models and the tools you need to build them.
Suitable for All Ages

Haikyuu! Prepare for the Interhigh!
The interhigh volleyball tournament is fast approaching, so come and join Karasuno in some team building exercises that will help strengthen cooperation among all members. There will be games, truth or dare, and most importantly, volleyball! Come join the hype in preparation for the upcoming season!
KNC 13+

His Butler, So Scandalous.
You came and saw it all. Better join in on the Phantomhive crew after dark. Honestly who knows, could be better then the other panel. But we are only here to make giant Fools of ourselves. And because it’s after hours you bet that it will be one HELL of a panel, after dark. Hope to see you all there indeed. ( PS. We can’t promise lap dance by the end of the panel. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t. )
18+ Panel. Photo ID will be required for entry.

How to Start an Anime Club
Sensei Tremblay, an anime club adviser since 2010, will talk about setting up your own fandom club, making it a safe and fun space for a diverse membership, and keeping your members coming back for all your fun activities.
Suitable for All Ages

I Heart Bad Voice Acting
Bad voice acting brings a smile to my face- there’s something magical about lines being butchered. Let’s share in this vice and enjoy some of the worst voice acting ever- everything from abhorrent English voice acting to non-English speakers trying to sound American. Come join me as we trudge through the voice acting swamp, and at the end decide on what clip gets the title of: “the best of the worst.”
18+ Panel. Photo ID will be required for entry.

Idol Showcase
Check out some of your favorite anime idols performing live at our very own KNC! They’ll be singing, dancing, and interacting with the audience like we’ve yet to see at this con! Bring your light sticks and let’s party!
Suitable for All Ages

Is Anime Just Advertisement for the Source Material?
Have you ever wondered why your favorite anime doesn’t have a second season yet? Are you tired of hearing “just read the manga”? We’ll look at the entire process of how and why certain series get adapted for TV, reasoning for changes made along the way, as well as the roles US streaming services now have in the industry.
KNC 13+

King of the WHAT Now?! Celebrating 20 Years of One Piece
Join the hosts of King of the What Now as they discuss 20 years of One Piece: what it means to the anime community, what the future holds, and whether it will ever truly end
KNC 13+

Kingdom Hearts Pajama Party
You’re invited! To the most spectacular slumber party on destiny island! Sora, Riku and Kairi are offering an open invitation for everyone to come play games, eat candy and talk about boys! If possible please wear kigus or pajamas!
KNC 13+

Know Your VGM!
Last years “Know Your Boss” has been slain and from the ashes rises the newest challenge. Presenting “Know Your VGM!” A video game music trivia challenge. Team up with your friends and take on the new categories of video game music. From old to new, no music is off limits with this years challenge!
Suitable for All Ages

Little Panel of Horrors
Tired of Shonen anime and that oh so adorable slice of life anime you haven’t finished yet? Want something just a little darker? With this panel I take you through the more disturbing subjects our favourite pop culture media has to offer! From manga and anime to video games!
KNC 13+

LIVE! from Kuronekocon
Hello this is mettaton coming to you Live from Kuronekocon, got cold feet? Don’t worry! I’ll be hosting a game show and there will be games and prizes! Hope to see you there darlings~
Suitable for All Ages

Manliness Panel 18+
I was told to describe this as the thicker Manliness Panel. With three c’s apparently. Not sure how that works. At any rate this is the 18+ version of the Manliness Panel where we open up for more audience questions than we’re comfortable answering!
18+ Panel. Photo ID will be required for entry.

Match Game
Come one and all to this modern nerdy spin on a 70s classic game show. Which stars will be there? Well stop on by and use your telepathy skills from The Telepathy Club to match the stars as fill in the blank statements are given to you the contestants. Plus Ultra your way to win.
KNC 13+

Minute to Win It
Get ready to fight with your guts for the ultimate glory in this team challenge event. Where time is the enemy and your strength is in your comrades. You will have 60 seconds to complete one of many favorite party games. Do you have what it takes to win it all?
Teams and participants will be chosen at the time of the panel.
Suitable for All Ages

Miraculous Class Shenanigans
Ever wanted to hang out with your favorite characters from Miraculous? Well this is the right place! Get ready for a Truth and Dare, games, and would you rather with all the best! Pound it!
KNC 13+

Miraculous: Simply the Best
Meet some of your favorite (and not so favorite) Miraculous Ladybug characters! We will host a Q&A and some fun party games! See you there!
Suitable for All Ages

Mr. Osomatsu’s Wild Ride
6 brothers and NEETs have invaded the convention center to wreak havoc. For this one hour only, they’ve managed to be contained in one room. Come on in and join their chaos or ask them some questions, it’s probably safe.
18+ Panel. Photo ID will be required for entry.

My Hero Academia in PJs
Come ask your favorite heros/villains questions!
KNC 13+

My Maid Academia
Join the Class of 1-A for their first ever Maid Café! Between trivia, truth or dare, and more fun games, there’s bound to be a few surprises and quirks gone wrong along the way!
KNC 13+

Mysterious Messages: A Mystic Messenger Panel
Do you have burning questions you’ve always been dying to ask the members of the RFA? Well now is your chance to ask them! The boys and girls of Mystic Messenger are here to answer your questions, so grab your honey Buddha chips and Dr. Pepper and head on over to the panel! You may even be able to win the hearts of the members!
KNC 13+

Once Upon a Disney
Your favorite Disney princesses, princes, and other characters have come from their lands to answer questions, give out prizes, and even give you a bit of their magic!
Suitable for All Ages

One Hell Of A Panel
You’ve come a long way, attending the 5th black butler panel this year at KNC. You’ve asked for this. You’ve asked to witness the complete opposite of what you expect from a panel. And you are correct. Come and join your favorite characters this year. But I cant promise you won’t be exposed to the Earl Phantomhives failures, Lady Elizabeth’s impulsive desire to decorate things in pink and of course Alois’s complete desire mock the audience. So I welcome you once again to come and enjoy this years black butler mischievous ways.
KNC 13+

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Oh My! An Introduction to Japanese Public Transportation
A brief introduction to public transportation and how Japan has used infrastructure to get people where they need to go!
Suitable for All Ages

Seraph of the End Fan Panel
The main characters of the anime Seraph of the End hanging out, playing games and answering questions.
KNC 13+

Sew You Want To Cosplay? Beginners Tips and Tricks
This panel explains a beginners guide to cosplay including how to get started, beginners techniques, and finding your style.
Suitable for All Ages

SFI- Spokane IDIC
Starfleet in the inland empire
Suitable for All Ages

She-ra and the Late Night Truce
An experiment has gone wrong! Now Adora, Catra, Glimmer and Entrapa (whose probably to blame) are stuck in our world! Might as well answer hang out before they head back home!
18+ Panel. Photo ID will be required for entry.

Soul Eater Q&A
Join your favorite cast of Soul Eater for one last year of questions, games, lore and more! Class is back in session with the amazing weapons, miesters, and teachers.
PG 13+

South Park Shenanigans
We have gathered the best people of South Park for an hour of comical madness. Come Interact, ask questions, or join our escapades with some of your favorites. Free Hat.
18+ Panel. Photo ID will be required for entry.

The Arcana
Q&A with your favorite Arcana romances!
KNC 13+

The BNHA Villains are Back (BNHA AU)
Remember the villains last year? We’ll they’re back and better then ever. Come get to have fun with the BNHA villains and get to see your favorite characters. Ask questions, play games, and win prizes!

The Host Club Tea Party
Join us as our very own host club answers your burning questions and entertains you with some fun interactive games.
KNC 13+

The Maids Of Voltron
The paladins of Voltron (and Matt) have stopped by earth on one of their days off! Stop by the panel to ask your burning questions and possibly play a few games with the defenders of the universe!
KNC 13+

The Manliness Panel Revived
The manliness panel makes it’s return. Having taken a year hiatus, the comedy panel talking about Manliness, absurdity and nerdy cruft is back.
KNC 13+

Trivia Night 2: Electric Boogaloo
Cool Kids Trivia Night is back from the grave, this time with more mini-pies and Duke Nukem! Previously witnessed at KNC 2018, Are you a Cool Kid? Do you like trivia? Questions about anime, Video Games, and general knowledge, you’re sure to know something!
KNC 13+

UA Hero Training
It’s time to test your skills to become a pro hero! Come compete against fellow Heros to prove your worth! This panel will be 100% attendance involved as your favorite UA Heros have you compete against each other in friendly activities and earn your badge as a true UA Hero! Prizes will be awarded to winners! Make sure you have a hero name ready!
Suitable for All Ages

“Um, Actually….” Anime and Pop Culture Edition
From the far reaches of the universe to alternate timelines nerds are passionate about a lot of things. Above all else, they love correcting people and this is “Um, Actually….” KNC anime edition. The panel that you get to compete with your fellow nerds to prove that you know way more about anime and other current pop culture. Where you get a chance to win prizes and be named KNC 2019 “Um, Actually…” champion. “Um, Actually…” is based off of the show “Um, Actually…” from college humor that can be found on dropout tv.
KNC 13+

WBY (RWBY 18+ Q&A)
Do wish to hear the many tales of team STRQ and their many adventures throughout Remnant? How about the stories told in team RWBY’s dorm while their innocent leader is away? Want an update on my living situation with Scarlet? Then this is the place for you my friends join us while we goof off and answer the questions you couldn’t before.
18+ Panel. Photo ID will be required for entry.

Who’s Fandom is it Anyway?
The Nerdy version of ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ is back and ready to shake things up again. Get ready to laugh your heart out with the chance to watch or participate in some improve games.
KNC 13+

Yuri on Ice
Join in a get together with some of your favorite Yuri on ice skaters!
PG 13+

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