Fan Panels

KuroNekoCon Age Rating System

Suitable for All Ages: No cursing, no suggestive themes, light slapstick humor

KNC 13+: Possible light cursing, some suggestive themes, light raunchy humor, adventure violence.

18+ Panel: Attendees must be 18 years of age or older to attend this event. Photo ID will be required for entry. Possible cursing, mature themes, raunchy humor or sexual themes, more intense violence.

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Fan panel applications for 2023 are closed.

Please reference the rules and guidelines below.

What kind of panel will you bring forth? Dish out your best ideas and plan your activities for the next convention! Contact if you have questions.

Fan Panels

Con Horror Stories

Longtime con-goers tell some of their favorite convention stories- the good, the bad, the severely questionable decision-making. Feel free to come share your own as well!

The Cosplay Survival Guide

So you think you can cosplay? Good news- you’re right!

Veteran cosplay Raiphin brings far too many years of experience & exploits ready to take on anything you’ve ever wanted to know about about the cosplayexperience. There’s more to the story than hot glue & hope!

…Butdefinitely have both on hand, just in case.

Trigun - After Hours

Sundown in No Man’s Land means a lot of nefarious characters start to appear – does that include Vash the Stampede and The Punisher? Millions Knives? Come and find out!

The Dating Game

Crowd participation game where you flaunt your personality to try and win a match! Lotto ticket system that will be provided at the panel.

Dragplay 101

Hey there! Do you like cosplay? Do you like drag? Inspired by the lip sync battles at con? Does watching Drag Race make you want to join in on this fun hobby? Well have we got the panel for you. Learn from local drag performers about the history of drag, how to get started, and the various types and styles of drag. This panel is open to anyone curious about drag and how cosplay goes hand in hand with drag.

Iron Cosplay: Clash of the Thrifty Crafters

Think you have what it takes to make a cosplay in less than 10 minutes?! Using only Dollar store supplies, participants will join forces in teams and race to create a cosplay and strut down the runway. The clock will be ticking and audiences will cheer you on as you use the secret item to finish off your looks! Winners will be selected by the audience, and, YES, there will be prizes for winning teams!

Jojo Beach Day

Jotaro and Kakyoin take a well deserved rest at the beach!

Know Your VGM 2! Return of the Sequel

After a three year hibernation, this video game trivia is well rested and ready for a second bout!!! Assemble your crew and join us for some more awesome video game music to guess, jam, and possibly fall in love with?!?! More categories to choose from, more prizes to win, and more fun to be had in this year’s sequel. Will you “Return” for the challenge?

KumoriCon Presents: Anime Worth Watching!

Are you looking to get deeper into anime, and looking for titles beyond Cartoon Network and the big streaming premieres? Are you looking for more middle-to-lesser-known anime that you might have heard of but never checked out, or never heard of at all? Would you like to dive deeper into a genre you like, or learn about new genres you haven’t seen before?We’ve got you covered! Come join Kumoricon as we share a list made by our anime aficionados, spanning multiple genres and generations!

Kumoricon is a nonprofit anime convention on November 17 – 19, celebrating twenty years of anime and Japanese culture, and back for its biggest year yet! Gaining its namesake (kumori) from the Japanese word “”cloudy””, we embody everything it means to live in the Pacific Northwest and love this fandom. Stretching across generations, anime fans have gathered together for an amazing annual event, rain or shine. We’d be excited to see you in Portland, Oregon, we are excited to bring you another wonderful anime convention designed and operated with the fans and their devotion in mind.

Late Night 18+ Cosplay Contest

Come show off your wild adult themed cosplay skits in our contest! We welcome yaoi, yuri, and hentai skits alike, both comedy and serious. Don’t break any state laws or convention rules, but otherwise have fun! (And for the record, peanut butter by itself is not a costume.)

Please note: This Cosplay Contest is a fan run panel, and is not associated with the official KuroNekoCon cosplay contest.

LipSync Showdown 18+

All the fun of an amazing lipsync battle, with just a little extra “spice”! Come cheer for your favorite performances by a wide range of incredible performers and help us crown our winners!

Please note: This Lip Sync event is a fan run panel, and is not associated with the official KuroNekoCon cosplay contest.

Match Game

Come on down to Match Game! Ever wonder what some of your favorite characters would answer when given a fill in the blank sentence. Inspired by Match Game (1970s) and Snatch Game (RuPaul’s Drag Race), contestants will have a chance to compete and match with notable characters.

My Hero Academia UA Training

Join your some of your favorite teachers and students from the world of My Hero Academia as we train you to become heroes, but watch for danger, as you never know when a villain might attack!

My Little Pony: This Panel is Magic

Join the my little pony mane crew as they set out to finish another task given to them by Princess Celestia. This task is to host a panel for other ponies and friends to watch. Join the mane crew as they complete the task by playing games like truth or dare and answering questions at this magical panel!

Original Design In Cosplay

From Hannah Alexander designs to OCs, original designs are nothing new in the world of cosplay. Join Enchantedbellecosplay and Kyrascosplay as they discuss the process of coming up with, creating, and having fun utilizing original designs in your cosplays!

Quest for El Dorado(18+) with Miguel and Tulio

Play a version of “Great American” (aka “The Floor Is Lava”) as you search for the Lost City of Gold with Miguel and Tulio. There may be challenges along the way, but a great treasure awaits at the end of your quest! Come join us, friends, for a grand adventure that will certainly NOT get you killed. Absolutely not… probably.

Random Kpop Dance Panel

Come join Kpop fans and dance to your favorite hits! Dance along or just enjoy the good vibes and even better music!

Talking Stranger Things

Love Netflix’s Stranger Things? Wish you could talk about it more with fellow fans? Come on over to the Upside Down! We will discuss the lore of the show, technology of the 80’s, and fan theories. Following we will have an open discussion so you can even voice your own thoughts and theories of the show!

The Ultimate Pokémon Video Game Trivia Show!

With Pokémon trivia taken from all 9 generations of Pokémon games, this Family Feud/Jeopardy Mashup style game show has something for everyone! With a unique selection of questions ranging from easy to hard, pick your own battles, and prove yourself to be the true Pokémon Master!

Whose Fandom Is It Anyway?

Do you like Improv? Come on down to either watch or participate in improv games in a panel loosely based on the hit comedy show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’