KuroNekoCon features two main dance events for your enjoyment.

EDM Dance

For all the go-hards and EDM lovers out there, we have a high energy dance featuring some of the Pacific Northwest’s top DJs. Bring your dancing shoes, glow sticks are on the house.

The Masquerade

If classical, waltz, jazz, and all things fancy are your cup of tea, then the Masquerade is for you! In response to your feedback, we have decided to alternate yearly between a semi-formal Prom-style dance and formal Masqerade. With these changes, revisions to the Masquerade’s dress code have been made (see below).

If you’re interested in learning a formal dance, check out the interactive Ballroom Dance Instruction panel with instructor Aislynn Kenney.

If classical scores are not your cup of tea, join us for Free Hour – the last hour of The Masquerade with open song requests!

Masquerade Dress Code

The attendees are required to wear masks in order to participate in The Masquerade. A mask must be worn on the face or head, around the neck is not acceptable. Dress shoes are not a requirement.

Clothing attire allowed for this event are as follows:

  • -Comfortable shoes are encouraged
  • -Formal or Semiformal cultural attire (kilts, Hanbok, Kimono, Cheongsam, etc.)
  • -Dresses
  • -Military (non-combat)
  • -School Uniforms
  • -Slacks
  • -Suits
  • -Vests
  • -Dress Shirts
  • -Dress Skirts
  • -Kilts
  • -Formal school uniforms
  • -Face Paint/Makeup Masks are acceptable so long as it appears as a mask in contrast to skin

Not Allowed:

  • -Jeans
  • -Cosplay which doesn’t adhere to the allowed items
  • -Helmets
  • Glasses/sunglasses/goggles cannot substitute for a mask