Creative Activities

Enjoy art and craft related events for all ages in the creative activities room! Crafts and art contests for adults and children alike.

Children’s Festival

Honoring the tradition of Tango no Sekku, a festival that celebrates children’s personalities and happiness, there’s plenty of fun activities to enjoy at KNC’s Children’s Festival. Color and create a carp flag, test your patience and skill with a kendama, learn how to use chopsticks, and so much more!


Eevee Coloring Contest

Calling all Pokemon Masters! Eevee is the shining star of our second annual Art League coloring contest! Will your Eevee be a defender of love and justice in the Cosplay category or an exploration of the abstract in the Original Design category? Participants are welcome to enter as many Cosplay and Original Design Eevees into the contest but are only eligible to win one category! The Art League will be open on all three days in the Children’s Festival. All supplies included, or use your own! Good luck, Pokemon Masters!

18+ Coloring Contest

Pokemon Masters, join in on some after dark arts and crafts fun with this 18+ Pokemon coloring contest! Who is the spotlight Pokemon, you ask? The answer awaits on the four islands of Alola. This will be a competition of artisanship, creativity, and how much the room laughs. Supplies provided or bring your own!

Attendees must be 18 years of age or older to attend this event. Photo ID will be required for entry.

2018 Live Drawing contest Entry by FTMboyLukas

Live Drawing Contest

The live drawing competition invites artists to test their ability to draw from a live figure, in this case, a cosplayer! Participants must bring their own supplies; please use traditional media only.

Drawings will be submitted at the end of the two hour event to a panel of judges who will determine winners based on presentation, ability to accurately observe and record the subject, mastery of selected materials, stylistic development, and design/composition.

Sponsored by Sakura of America!

Mask Making

Set your creativity Free! and make the perfect mask for your cosplay, hide your secret identity from villains and show your hero pride, or keep as a Tsuki-approved memento of KNC. Masks and craft supplies included, dattebayo!

This workshop is great for anyone wanting to attend the Masquerade but does not have a mask.

Origami Workshop

Want to learn how to fold a jumping frog, paper crane, samurai helmet, lucky stars, and more? Come to the origami workshop! Supplies included.

Let’s Fold 365 Lucky Stars!

Lucky stars are of Chinese origin, but there is also a Japanese legend surrounding them:

In a small Japanese village, there lived a girl who loved the sky and all its stars.
One night the stars she loved had vanished. When she folded a single lucky star, one star reappeared in the sky.
Gathering all the children in the village, they folded stars until morning and returned them to the sky.
Lucky stars have many divinities (often linked to relationships and eternal love), and folding 365 represents a whole year of blessings!

Let’s fold 365 lucky stars to give KNC and all our attendees another year of good blessings! All supplies included at the Children’s Festival.

Come and create with us at Creative Activities!