Anime Viewing & AMVs

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Whether you’re interested in the remixing power of AMVs or watching your favorite anime with a crowd of enthusiastic fans, our Anime Viewing programming has you covered.

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AMV Contest

Applications not currently open; event dates not yet determined.
The following information is for reference only.

Anime Music Videos (AMV’s) are fan-made compositions which synchronize edited video clips from one or more anime with an audio track, often songs or promotional trailer. KNC”s AMV contest viewing showcases entries from both fledling and established creators.

Share your greatest creation (or most attrocious ones, depending on your outlook) by entering our AMV contest. Cash prizes awarded for Best in Show, Comedy, and Judge’s Choice Awards.

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Anime Viewing

Settle in for a break from the bustle of the busy convention space and enjoy our daily showings of subbed or dubbed anime.