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Fan Panels

Fan panels applications are now open for KuroNekoCon 2018! Submit your panel early to have a better chance at receiving your desired time slot. We are excited to see what ideas and panels you will bring to our 10th anniversary convention!

Fan Panel Application Form

Main Events

AMV Contest Viewing

Anime Music Videos (AMV’s) are fan-made compositions which synchronize edited video clips from one or more anime with an audio track, often songs or a promotional trailer audio.

Want to show off your AMV creations? Enter the AMV contest!

Cosplay Chess

Cosplay chess is a game of human chess performed by players in costume. Short performances, fights, and skits between the battling players decide the outcome of the game!

Cosplay Contest

Cosplayers bring their favorite characters to life on stage in KNC's Cosplay Contest! The contest is judged based upon overall look of the costume, accuracy of the character, difficulty of the costume for the contestant's skill level, execution of sewing and crafting technique, and stage presence. Bring your friends to watch this great show full of the finest cosplay our wonderful attendees have to offer!

Cosplay Skit Contest

The Cosplay Skit Contest is where cosplayers and performers bring their talent to the KNC stage! Skits can range anywhere from a dance, to a song, to a set of dialogue and everything in between. The most important part is the crowd gets pumped and the contestants get creative and fun! The cosplay Skit Contest is primarily judged on performance.

Foam Sword Fighting Tournament

A double elimination tournament for ages 13 and up. Contestants fight for honor, glory, and trophies with safe, foam-padded swords.

Youth Foam Sword Tournament

A single elimination tournament for ages 12 and under. Contestants fight for a chance at honorable victory upon the battlefield with safe, foam-padded swords.


Welcome to KuroNekoCon's annual night of grace, dignity, and mystery. Come dance the evening away to fun dance music that ranges between waltz, pop, and ballads. There's music for everyone. As is custom, masks are required, but don't worry if you don't have one already, we have a free mask-making panel to get creative and make your own.

Neon Nyan Revolution

Dance the night away to some of the Inland Northwest’s best DJ’s. Glowsticks sold at the door.