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Opening Ceremonies

Join the Chair and Vice Chair of the KuroNeko Cultural Association as we welcome in KuroNekoCon 2018 with special performances, guest introductions, and general convention shenanigans!

Closing Ceremonies

Help us send away another great KNC with convention highlights, special performances, contest winners, and general hilarity born from a long weekend of non stop nerdy goodness.

Active Events


Foam Sword Fighting Tournament

A double elimination tournament for ages 13 and up. Contestants fight for honor, glory, and trophies with safe, foam-padded swords.

Signups taken on a first-come first-serve basis the hour before the event. Arrive early to reserve a spot!

Youth Foam Sword Tournament

A single elimination tournament for ages 12 and under. Contestants fight for a chance at honorable victory upon the battlefield with safe, foam-padded swords.

Signups taken on a first-come first-serve basis the hour before the event. Arrive early to reserve a spot!

Japanese Field Day

KuroNekoCon's first ever Japanese field day event! This event is to celebrate Japan's national health and sports day. Come learn about Japanese culture while competing against your friends in a head to head battle of might, speed and agility.

Signups taken on a first-come first-serve basis the hour before the event. Arrive early to reserve a spot!

Cosplay Entertainment


Cosplay Contest

Cosplayers bring their favorite characters to life on stage in KNC's Cosplay Contest! The contest is judged based upon overall look of the costume, accuracy of the character, difficulty of the costume for the contestant's skill level, execution of sewing and crafting technique, and stage presence. Bring your friends to watch this great show full of the finest cosplay our wonderful attendees have to offer!

This application is closed for this year but there is always next year!

Want to know how the Judges score costume and how categories for this contest are assigned? Please follow the link below to find out!

Cosplay Contest Categories

Cosplay Skit Contest

The Cosplay Skit Contest is where cosplayers and performers bring their talent to the KNC stage! Skits can range anywhere from a dance, to a song, to a set of dialogue and everything in between. The most important part is the crowd gets pumped and the contestants get creative and fun! The cosplay Skit Contest is primarily judged on performance.

This application is closed for this year but there is always next year!

Want to know how we pick the winning skits? Follow the link below to find out!

Skit Contest Judging

Walk-On Cosplay Contest

The walk on cosplay contest is the perfect opportunity for a spur-of-the-moment decision to show off off your cosplay on stage!

Signups taken on a first come first serve basis the hour before the event. Arrive early to reserve a spot!


Lip Sync Battle

KuroNekoCon's newest main event, this epic musical showdown features cosplayers as they compete to see who can dazzle the audience with the best songs and coolest moves! Hosted by our guest of honor, Uptown Cosplay.

This application is closed for this year but there is always next year!

Cosplay chess logo

Cosplay Chess

Cosplay Chess is a game of human chess performed by players in costume. Short performances, fights, and skits between the battling players decides the outcome of the game. Join us for this years rousing bout! With 32 different characters on the board, who will claim victory? Who will be left to pick up the pieces? Come cheer for your favorites and help make this year the best game of chess yet!

Creative Activities & Children's Festival


Children's Festival

Honoring the tradition of Tango no Sekku, a festival that celebrates children's personalities and happiness, there's plenty of fun activities and games for all ages to enjoy at this Children's Festival. Color and create a carp flag, test your patience and skill with a kendama, learn how to use chopsticks (and win candy), and so much more!

Children's Festival Parade

Bring your carp flags and join in the closing celebration of this year's Children's Festival and KuroNekoCon's 10th Year Anniversary! Carp flags and bells are welcome; participation is open to all ages!


Live Drawing Contest

Compete against your fellow artists by drawing our cosplay models live at KuroNekoCon! Artists will have two hours to complete their drawings. Participants must bring their own supplies; please use traditional media only.

Drawings will be submitted at the end of the event to a panel of judges who will determine winners based on presentation, ability to accurately observe and record the subject, mastery of selected materials, stylistic development, and design/composition. Prizing sponsored by Sakura of America.

Be sure to arrive to the panel early to secure a good spot!

Mask Making

Set your creativity free! and make the perfect mask for your cosplay, hide your secret identity from villains and Deadpools, or keep as a Tsuki-approved memento of KNC's 10th Year Anniversary! Masks and craft supplies included, dattebayo!


Origami Workshop

Want to learn how to fold a jumping frog, paper crane, Pikachu, samurai helmet for Pikachu, and so much more? Come to the origami workshop! All supplies included.

Let's Fold 1,000 Paper Cranes!

Japanese legend states that those who have the patience and commitment to fold 1,000 paper cranes are granted their greatest wish. We invite attendees to participate in folding 1,000 paper cranes and make a wish for KNC. Origami included at the Children's Festival.


Snorlax Coloring Contest

Snorlax is stealing the spotlight in our first ever coloring contest! Using the creativity of a true Pokémon Master, design and color your very own Snorlax and enter the PokeArt League!

Open to all ages and skill levels. Only one submission per individual. Use your own supplies or the supplies included at the Children's Festival. May or may not have an awesome prize.

Okay, there's a prize. It's soft and huggable and amazing.

Drop In Programming & Related Events


Anime Viewing

Subbed and Dubbed anime viewing featuring titles licensed by our sponsors.


AMV Contest Viewing

Anime Music Videos (AMV's) are fan-made compositions which synchronize edited video clips from one or more anime with an audio track; often songs or promotional trailer audio.


Sing your heart out! Karaoke provided by Decibel Diversions.

Karaoke Anime Idol

Come prove your love and talent to the world with KuroNekoCon's third annual ANIME IDOL!

Our illustrious KJs, with the help of all our screaming Karaoke fans, will pick one winner to be the very best (that no one ever was!). The winner will get to perform their winning song at closing ceremonies! All levels are welcome to join! Any fandom song or tribute is also welcome!


Manga Library

In the Manga Library you can read manga, take a rest from the convention bustle, and experience a bit of Japanese culture.


Tsuki's Kawaii Tea Party

Join Tsuki for an event to celebrate all kinds of J-Fashion, from Lolita to Decora and everything in between! Hosted in our Manga Library we encourage anyone with a love for kawaii fashion to come and enjoy a cup of tea while chatting and swapping tips with friends new and old who all love Japanese Fashion! There will be a cover charge of $10 at the door for this event. Seating is limited to 20 attendees.

Guests receive hot tea, a kawaii goodie bag, and a raffle ticket for a chance to win larger items.



Summer Dreams 10th Anniversary Dance

Welcome to KuroNekoCon's first commemorative semi-formal. Bust out your suits, gowns, Cosplay, or... Whatever! And join us for some of your favorite anime music, pop, nerdy waltz, and geek culture classics. There's a little something for everyone.

Dj makoto chan

Neon Nyan Evolution

Dance the night away to to the beats of DJ Mikoto Chan, DJ Maddox, and Nightlock.

Guest Panels

Christopher Bevins

Monsters & Mascots & Mutts! Oh, My!

Sometimes, voice acting means barking, growling, chirping, and hissing. Christopher Bevins has been fortunate to perform dozens of voices over the years, and many of his favorites are not actually people! From dogs to dinosaurs to… whatever the heck Fastener is supposed to be, find out all about the weird side of voice acting!

Bryce Pappenbrook

Efforts & Reactions in Anime & Video Games

What does it sound like to get punched in the face, blown up, or eaten by a Titan? Join Bryce Papenbrook at the efforts & reactions in anime & video games panel and find out!

Christopher Bevins & Bryce Pappenbrook

Christopher Bevins & Bryce Pappenbrook Q&A

Join Bryce Papenbrook and Christopher Bevins as they take questions from fans and share stories from in and outside the recording booth!

Uptown and KionCloud

Form The Lion Man (A Voltron Panel)

Join the Paladins as we explore space, defend the galaxy, and try out best to form a giant robotic lion man. We'll have some fun with Monsters & Mana, improv games, and Q+A with everyone's favorite space cats! So come join the goofiest squad in the universe. Let's Form Voltron!

Social Media Etiquette

We all love social media and connecting with other people on the internet, but sadly not everyone always gets along. Come chat with Uptown Cosplay and KionCloud about some of the most common problems seen on social media in our community and discuss ways to avoid but also to better handle these situations when they arise.

Uptown Cosplay

Miraculous: Ladybug & Adrien

Uptown Cosplay and Eika Tsukiyomi are back with another Miraculous panel, and this time it's the Ladrien-side of the love square! Come join Ladybug and Adrien as they answer your questions and entertain you with dramatic readings of fanfiction and another original mad-lib that they'll fill in with help from the audience!

Lori Collins

Anime Art Basics

In this two hour workshop, beginning artists learn the steps of basic anime figure drawing and character development. Topics covered can include penciling, anatomy, proportion, expression, inking, basic color theory and more.

The Business of Art

Do you want to turn the drawings you are doing for friends into a real paying gig? Welcome to the life of a freelance artist! But freelancing isn't for everyone. Come discuss the nitty-gritty details of how to build an art business with an illustrator that has 12 years freelancing experience. Acquiring clients and making deadlines is only half the battle. Arm yourself.

Where Fanfic Goes to Die

18+ Photo ID Required

You've heard of us. You've heard the whispers in the convention halls... giving you hints, but never confirming anything. You're probably wondering what all the hype is about. We wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, but we are here to tell you that it's all true. AND MORE. From the epic metal-space-opera transcendence of the classic "Hhhhhhhhhhhhhh" to the delicate romance behind "Artemis' Lover" (Yes, the cat.) we will take you places you have never been. Or possibly wanted to go. Either way it's a blast.

CON-artist: Horror Stories from Behind the Table

18+ Photo ID Required

It's not all fanart and rainbows for those on the other side of the Artist Alley table. There is a dark thing, lurking beneath the surface of our bright smiles that nobody talks about. Until now. So come. Sit by me, child. I'll tell you stories of being a convention artist that will haunt your dreams. Or make you laugh... You know. Other people's pain is funny, right?

SnowMerida Cosplay

Cosplaying around Kids

Have you ever wondered what it's like to bring the magic of a character to life? Interacting with kids while in cosplay can create wonderful experiences for them and you, just like a professional Disney Character! But, knowing just how to talk to and interact with kids can be tricky at first. Come join us at this panel to hear stories from SnowMerida and friends and learn how you can brighten someone's day!

Cultural Demonstrations

Spokane Buddhist Temple Bon Odori Dancers

Learn Bon Odori Dancing

Have fun learning about folk dances of Japan by joining in on this long-standing cultural tradition.

Spokane Kendo

Kendo Demonstration

Spokane Kendo members will demonstrate traditional Kata forms, prearranged striking drills (kirikaeshi), and free-style sparring with nothing prearranged (ji-geiko). Attendees will also be given an opportunity to learn hands on about the sport of Kendo by participating in basic exercises.

Spokane Taiko

Interactive Taiko Drumming Demonstration

Spokane Taiko hosts an interactive panel with the fantastic musical instruments of Taiko drumming. Come learn about the history and art of Taiko drumming and try them out for yourself.

Fan Panels

Anime Trivia Game Show

A trivia game show with you as the contestant! We'll select two teams of 3 to compete over their knowledge of anime!

Ask a Mystery Kids Panel

The Mystery Kids are back! No we don't mean Scooby Doo, we mean something else! Join the AU created on tumblr, consisting of the main fandoms Psychonauts, Coraline, Gravity Falls and Paranorman (among other honorary fandoms) in some fun and games! Not only will you be able to ask questions and get answers, but you can participate in games we have planned and win some prizes as well! We may even have some surprises for everyone from the actual Mystery Kids crew! Hope to see you all there!

Battle of the Fandoms

Back for a second year, it's Battle of the Fandoms! Come sit in on this nail biting event full of mini games, prizes and audience participation as 6 fandom teams fight for glory in this years epic showdown.

Beach City and Beyond: A Steven Universe Ask Panel

The characters of Steven Universe come together to answer your questions in a panel filled with magic, gems, and adventure.

Black Butler: When Earls Arise

Surely you would think that two earls of the same age would be the best of friends right? Probably not. But hey, they can have a discussion or two without wanting to throw chairs at each other. Join us for another black butler panel this year but this time no butlers are there to lend a helping hand. Can Ciel make amends with the all adorable and slightly terrifying Alois Trancy? You'll have to see.

Cool Kids Trivia Night

Computers, Video games, Anime, nose-picking... Only the 'cool kiddos' can handle that kind of stuff, And only the 'coolest of kiddos' can remember all the small things about them! Covering computers, Anime, and Video games from the 80's to modern day, It's the jeopardy of cool kids! Cool prizes will be awarded to the 'coolest kids'.

Dating Game

The Annual Dating game where the one behind the Curtain is the mystery soulmate you never knew before. Come find your Mystery match. Participation picked at the Panel.

Dating Game

18+ Photo ID Required

A mature take on the Annual Dating game where the one behind the Curtain is the mystery soulmate you never knew before. Come find your Mystery match. Participation picked at the Panel.

Double NintenDare

On your mark... get set... GO! Double NintenDare is a Nintendo-themed throwback to the classic kids game show of a similar name. Put your knowledge and skill of classic and current Nintendo games to the test, by answering tricky trivia questions, or taking on our special "Digital Challenges", and finishing the dreaded Mario Maker Obstacle Course! Each player will receive fabulous prizes whether you win or lose, and we'll take you back in time with classic 90s commercials in between rounds.

Gundam Building 101

Instructional panel on the different grades tools and skills you need to build a Gundam plastic model kit or gunpla.


Do you enjoy Haikyuu? If so, this fun and interactive panel is for you! This roller coaster of fun is hosted by Satori Tendou along with many other of your favorite haikyuu characters. There will be games, Q&A, and prizes! So come on, let's have some fun!

Hero Academia Villain Edition

Come ask your favorite characters questions

Homestuck Q&A/Games

Come ask your favorite beta trolls/humans and alpha kids questions and maybe play some games.

How to find Anime to Watch

Run out of shows to watch on Netflix? Overwhelmed with the amount of anime that comes out every season? Whether you've never watched a single series or you feel like you've watched everything, we'll go over plenty of resources to help you find anime to watch.

How to Make a Language

How are languages made for fantasy/sci-fi series? How do different approaches get different results? If you're world-building, how far is far enough for your project? Discuss this with Linguist and Conlanger Fiona Jallings of

I say VOL, you say TRON!

Ever wanted to meet the heroic, wonderful paladins of the mighty Voltron? Well, we apologize. This might not go as you planned. Join us for Q&A, games, and utter chaos.

Improv 101

Interested in the art of improv? Want to take your cosplay to the next level? Like the idea of fun? Come learn the basics of improv acting and take the stage to practice your new skills!

Introduction to Japanese Fashion

The Introduction to Japanese Fashion panel will provide a brief history of Japanese fashion (both high fashion and street fashion) over time. The panel will provide an introduction to current fashion styles. Lastly, the panel will include an anthropological perspective of Japanese fashion consumption in the West.

Iron Yaks Airsoft Team Airsoft Q&A

We are a local airsoft team who wish to talk about the Japanese founded sport of airsoft and the cultural impact it has had on Anime and the world.

Iwatobi Swim Club Q&A

The Iwatobi swim club just got done winning nationals and is ready to answer your questions. Haru, Makoto, Rei, Nagisa and even Gou (Kou) will be there and even some of their fellow Samezuka Academy rivals too. (Perhaps Kisumi will join in the fun too!). Have a question for your favorite swimmer? Well now's your chance to ask them that question. If there's time, our lovely audience members will have the opportunity to play a nice competitive game with the boys (and Gou).

J-Rock videos

Come see some of your favorite anime or video game opening or ending songs sung by the original band. Like the opening to Death Note, come see the original video made by the band who sings it.

Killing Stalking Madness

18+ Photo ID Required

Killing stalking with some kink if it didn't have enough already.

Know Your Boss Theme! (Video Game Trivia)

How well do you know your boss themes? Put your ears to the test and identify these memorable themes. Anything from current to classic, no boss will be omitted! Chances to win some sweet awesome prizes!

Love Live Idol Extravaganza!

Ever wonder what it's like to be an idol? Ever have a question for your favorite Idol group U's? Now you can get those answers! Huckleberry Idols is proud to present the ""Love Live Idol Extravaganza!"" In this panel you may ask questions, give truths and dares to your favorite school Idol and have the chance to win prizes in a Love Live ""How well do you know it game"" We hope to see you there!

Match Game

Come one, come all as you enter the world of stars in this modern spin on the classic Match Game. Face each other as you fill in the blanks and match the stars of some of your favorite shows. Match Game is a classic game show where two contestants compete against each other by filling in sentences in hopes of matching the panel of celebrities. Think you have what it takes to match the stars?

Miraculous: The Love Square

Ever wonder why the love square is so complicated? Ever wanna just have Chat with the cool cat and his lady? Now's your chance, come play games, ask questions and be dorks with our miraculous dorks.

Moe Maid Culture

Moe Moe Maids! What are Maid Cafes and where did they come from? What is "Moe" and why are they blessing my food! Maid Hana from My Cup of Tea Maid Cafe knows why! Learn about the origins of Maid Cafe, "Moe" culture, and how to bless your food the My Cup of Tea way!


Join the Ouran High School Host Club for some Q&A and games as well as the usual shenenigians expected from the Host Club.

Onna-bugeisha: The Samurai Women of Japan

There is a misunderstanding that the Samurai social class was exclusively male, come learn about the elegant but deadly Samurai Women of Japan.

So You Think You Know Jojo's Bizarre Adventures

DO YOU EVEN POSE!?! Come one, come all to the best Jojo panel this side of the Cascades . Come learn about the Jojo universe and join in on the ultimate pose-a-thon competition! There will be prizes!

Soul Eater Q and A

The Soul Eater panel returns for KuroNekoCon's 10th year! Say hello to your favorite characters, ask any questions, and take pictures with Crona, Stein, and some others!

South Park Shenanigans

The South Park Kids welcome you to another round of mischief and madness. Come on down and play some games, interact, or ask questions. Free hat!

Symbols in Naruto

Have you ever wondered where Kishimoto got his ideas? Have you wondered about the Easter eggs in Naruto or why Orochimaru summons snakes? Get your mind blown by all the little details in Naruto.

The DRAMAtical Void

Come hang out with your favorite DRAMAtical Murder boys! Ask them questions, plays some games, and maybe win and date with one of our beautiful boys!

The Saints Row Syndicate

The leaders of the gangs of Steelport have taken time out of their busy schedule of chaos and destruction to answer some questions! Matt Miller, leader of the Deckers, Killbane, leader of the Luchadores, and Phillipe Loren, leader of the Morningstar with his lieutenants, the DeWynter twins Viola and Kiki, will all be present! Come see these Steelport bad guys from the Saints Row series!

Toku What?

Beginners Guide to Live Action Special Effect Shows Ever been a fan of Power Rangers as a kid or still like it? Come for a time of learning and discussion of tokusatsu which started it all. From Kamen Rider to Sailor Moon and Power Rangers to Godzilla, all will be discussed.

Whose Fandom is it Anyway? (Take 1 and Take 2)

The nerdy version of "Whose Line is it Anyway?" is back and ready to make thing better than ever. Watch or participate in many of your favorite improv games such as Freeze, Don't Get Me Started, What Are You Doing?, and many more!

Write Like an Elf

Learn how to write English with Tengwar, a writing system Tolkien invented for his Elves.


All console and arcade games are free to play! Come sit, stand, dance or relax as you engage yourself in your world of choice. Play, share and compete in the many varieties of games and tournaments that we offer!

Gaming Lending Agreement

We are now accepting lenders for gaming equipment to be used for KNC 2018! The gaming rooms wouldn't be possible without the support of attendees who are willing to share their equipment with the community for the weekend. Lenders receive complimentary membership to KuroNekoCon. Contact for questions.

Game Lending Agreement

Console and PC Gaming

Kiezaron Live Demonstration and a Q&A Session (90 min)

Keizaron is a world-renowned speedrunner known for his Pokemon, Battle Network and Animorphs speedruns, holding several world records at various points in time. He is also known for his multiple hilarious appearances at various live speedrunning events such as Games Done Quick and RPG Limit Break.

Marvel vs Capcom Arcade Tournament

Heroes and villains, mutants and robots, and everything in between! Sign-up to do battle against other players in a bracketed fighting tournament that pits characters from multiple franchises into quick-paced, action packed brawls!

PC: League of Legends 3v3 Tournament

Come pick your Champion in this 3v3 tournament where 8 teams will stand above the rest. Test your skill with your comrades against others to see who will be the reigning KNC League Champions.

Pokemon Stadium II Mini Game Championship

Test your retro gaming skills in KNC’s Pokemon Stadium II Mini Game Championship! Only one trainer will remain standing! Warning: friendships may be compromised.

Super Smash brothers Brawl Tournament

Some are cute, some are cuddly, but all are deadly! Smash your way to the top in Nintendo’s cutthroat fighting platformer, and engage in combat against their eclectic array of colorful characters. In the heat of battle you must form alliances, use tactics, and play to win! A new challenger approaches! Who will be victorious?

Tekken Tag Arcade Tournament

Join the roster in one of the most celebrated and recognizable tournaments of its kind. Pair up your two favorite characters and jump into a highly-skilled, intense tag-team bout! Anyone can be a contender, but only one player will walk away as the KNC Tekken Champion!

VR hosted by Spokane Public Library

Want a break from reality? Join the Spokane Public Library in exploring VR locations and reveling in vivid, digital experiences using virtual devices!

XBOX One: Injustice 2 Tournament

Combatants choose their favorite DC hero or villain in a fight to the end!

Card, Board, and Tabletop Gaming

Piazo Organized Play: Pathfinder Event

Take on the role of an agent of the Pathfinder Society. The campaigns home base is sprawling Absalom, the so-called City at the Center of the World, that stands astride the great Inner Sea on the mountain-capped Isle of Kortos. As a member of the Pathfinder Society, your character will explore the dark alleys and political intrigue between far-flung travels in the world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Each Pathfinder Society agent also works for one of several competing factions, all with their own motivations and secret agendas.

Available Campaigns

Pokemon Tournament

Join us once again for KNC's unlimited Pokemon tournament! This event is perfect for new and old players alike. Not matter how old the cards or deck come play.

Magic: The Gathering Tournament

Join us at KNC's modern format magic tournament.

Learn Mahjong Hands-on

Chii! Kan! Ron! Have you ever wondered what's going on when watching a game of mahjong? In conjunction with the Seattle Riichi Mahjong Club, the game of mahjong makes its debut at KNC this year! Whether you're new to mahjong or an experienced player, stop by the gaming room and we'll set you up with a table, some opponents, and someone to teach you how to play if you need it!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

It’s time to D-d-d-d-d-ddduel!!! The KNC Yugioh Duelist Series will test your worth against all other contenders. Rack up wins and climb to the top where only one Duelist will emerge as the Ultimate KNC Champion! Who will be crowned the victor?


Free-to-Play Japanese and American arcade cabinets will be available to fill the gaping hole left in your hearts by the absence of the arcades of your childhood. Check the programming page of KNC’s website for full descriptions of arcade cabinets.

NeoGeo 2 Slot

An arcade mainstay for decades! We bring you the console that helped bring popularity to titles such as King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown, and Puzzle Bobble. Load up a classic Neo Geo game and experience it in solo or two player mode in the KNC Gaming Room!

Gauntlet Legends

A fantasy hack and slash dungeon crawl game made by the infamous Atari, play as one of the heroes as you venture out to defeat the evil Skorne. In this game your adventure doesn’t end until you run out of heath points!

Marvel vs Capcom

Marvel vs. Capcom is a crossover fighting game developed and published by Capcom, featuring characters from their own video game franchises like Ryu and Chun-Li and beloved icons from Marvel comics such as Wolverine and Captain America.

Tekken Tag

The fourth main installment in Namco’s Tekken Fighting game series, play as your favorite fighter in the original format for the beloved classic Tekken.

Magical Truck Adventure

Travel along a railroad track on a hand-powered truck on a grand adventure to retrieve a magical stone in this cooperative Japanese arcade oddity that will have you and your friend learning the true meaning of friendship.

Initial D

Players race against different opponents in various locations inspired by the classic manga series, Initial D. Race alone or against a friend!

Taiko No Tatsujin

Translating to "Taiko Master" in English, Taiko No Tatsujin is a Japanese arcade cabinet created by Namco. In the game, players simulate playing Taiko drums in this fast paced and rather adorable rhythm arcade game.

Pump It Up Zero

Dance and move yourself to the quick rhythms of this 2005 beat game! The collection of tunes showcases some fast musical beats that will test the abilities of both newcomers and seasoned DDR veterans, alike! Unlike the four-buttoned orthogonal D-pad that DDR is known for, the Pump It Up franchise features a dance pad with five buttons, which includes four arrows on a diagonal axis and a center key between them, delivering an extra challenge for those who feel up to playing on a higher difficulty.

Para Para Paradise 2nd Mix

Try out Konami’s iconic, Japanese dance game! In Para Para Paradise 2nd Mix, you are at the center of the dance floor in this immersive discotheque! This game is one of the pioneers of its genre, utilizing Eurobeat songs and fluid motion controls. Many have attempted to replicate this recipe, but most fall short of the original’s creativity, and the lively energy that is captured when dancing in the arcade. Come show your moves in this uniquely crafted game that gave birth to an entire style of rhythm games!