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Fan Panels

Fan Panel Submissions are open! Any attendee wishing to host a panel at KNC 2017 will need to fill out the form linked below. The form has been updated, so make sure to read thoroughly. If you have any questions while filling out the form, please email

Fan Panel Submissions for KNC 2017 will close on June 3rd, 2017 at 11:59pm Eastern time zone.

Fan Panel Application


Main Events

Cosplay Contest

The cosplay contest is where contestants go to show off their favorite costumes. The contest is based upon stage presence, craftsmanship, accuracy to the original character or design, and overall look. Bring your friends to watch a great show of cosplay at it’s finest, or sign up and show everyone your skill! Fabulous cash prizes will be awarded to the winners! Anyone can enter, and this event is all ages. Walk on participation is also available!

Skit Contest

Skits can range anywhere from a dance, to a song, to a set of dialog between characters or a short story. Think you have what it takes to act in front of a live audience? Enjoy entertaining others? Then this may be the contest for you! The cosplay skit contest is based on performance only and will not be based upon your cosplay. Bring your skills to battle for a chance at cash prizes or just come to watch a fantastic show!

Cosplay Chess

Cosplay chess is a game of human chess performed by players in costume. Short performances, fights, and skits between the battling players decide the outcome of the game!

Children's Festival

Honoring the tradition of Tango no Sekku, a Japanese children's festival that celebrates children's personalities and happiness, kids will be able to enjoy fun Japanese children's games, crafts, and stories. Some examples of our crafts including making paper koinobori flags or carp flags, origami paper folding, a tutorial on how to use chopsticks, lantern making, japanese folk-tale story telling, beginners kendama playing, and coloring of children's anime characters! All ages are welcome to come play with us!

Foam Sword Fighting Tournament

A double elimination tournament for ages 13 and up. Contestants fight for honor, glory, and trophies with safe, foam-padded swords. We are pleased to once again welcome the Epona Equestrian Team as this year's guest judges!

Sign ups for the tournament are taken on a first-come first-serve basis at the door. Please arrive to the event before the start of the tournament to reserve a spot.

KNC Youth Foam Sword Tournament

A single elimination tournament for ages 12 and under. Contestants fight for a chance at honorable victory upon the battlefield with safe, foam padded swords.

Sign ups for the tournament are taken on a first-come first-serve basis at the door. Please arrive to the event before the start of the tournament to reserve a spot.

Neon Nyan Revolution

Dance the night away to some of the Inland Northwest’s best DJ’s. Glowsticks sold at the door.

Check back for DJ announcements!


Welcome to KuroNekoCon's annual night of grace, dignity, and mystery. Come dance the evening away to fun dance music that ranges between waltz, pop, and ballads. There's music for everyone. As is custom, masks are required, but don't worry if you don't have one already, we'll have our free mask-making panel to get creative and make your own.

If you'd rather a more direct route, we'll be selling them from $1 to $5 in various styles at the Masquerade door. Dressy or Cosplay costumes are encouraged, but only a mask is a requirement since all are welcome. We hope to see you there!

Manga Library

In the Manga Library you can read manga, take a rest from the convention jumble, and experience a bit of Japanese culture.

AMV Contest

Anime music videos (AMVs) are fan-made compositions which synchronize edited video clips from one or more anime with an audio track, often songs or promotional trailer audio.

J-Fashion Show

The J-Fashion show will showcase a variety of different Japanese fashion types such as Sweet Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Visual Kei, and Decora among many others! The models will walk on stage within their category, and afterwards, those who are willing to answer questions will take part in a Q&A directly following the show.


Sing your heart out!

Trivia Gameshow

Test your knowledge of all things anime and compete for fabulous prizes!

Guest Panels

To Be Announced!


To Be Announced!

For questions, comments, and concerns please contact our Gaming Coordinator at


To Be Announced!