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Opening Ceremonies

Join the Chair and Vice Chair of the KuroNeko Cultural Association as we welcome in KuroNekoCon 2017 with special performances, guest introductions, trivia, and general convention shenanigans!

Closing Ceremonies

Help us send away another great KNC with convention highlights, special performances, contest winners, and general hilarity born from a long weekend of non-stop action.

Main Events

Cosplay Chess

Cosplay chess is a game of human chess performed by players in costume. Short performances, fights, and skits between the battling players decide the outcome of the game!

Cosplay Chess Application

Cosplay Contest

Cosplayers bring their favorite characters to life on stage in KNC's Cosplay Contest! The contest is judged based upon overall look of the costume, accuracy of the character, difficulty of the costume for the contestant's skill level, execution of sewing and crafting technique, and stage presence. Bring your friends to watch this great show full of the finest cosplay our wonderful attendees have to offer!

Cosplay Contest Application

Cosplay Skit Contest

The Cosplay Skit Contest is where cosplayers and performers bring their talent to the KNC stage! Skits can range anywhere from a dance, to a song, to a set of dialogue and everything in between. The most important part is the crowd gets pumped and the contestants get creative and fun! The cosplay Skit Contest is primarily judged on performance.

Cosplay Skit Contest Application

Foam Sword Fighting Tournament

A double elimination tournament for ages 13 and up. Contestants fight for honor, glory, and trophies with safe, foam-padded swords. We are pleased to once again welcome the Epona Equestrian Team as this year's guest judges!

Sign ups for the tournament are taken on a first-come first-serve basis at the door. Please arrive to the event before the start of the tournament to reserve a spot.

Youth Foam Sword Tournament

A single elimination tournament for ages 12 and under. Contestants fight for a chance at honorable victory upon the battlefield with safe, foam-padded swords.

Sign ups for the tournament are taken on a first-come, first-served basis at the door. Please arrive to the event before the start of the tournament to reserve a spot.

Japanese Fashion Show

The J-Fashion show will showcase many of the past and current exciting Harajuku styles such as Sweet Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Visual Kei, and Decora, along with several others! The models will show off their styles on the stage in each fashion, and those who wish to will be participating in a post-show Q&A to allow audience members to learn more about their unique looks!

Japanese Fashion Show application


Welcome to KuroNekoCon's annual night of grace, dignity, and mystery. Come dance the evening away to fun dance music that ranges between waltz, pop, and ballads. There's music for everyone. As is custom, masks are required, but don't worry if you don't have one already, we'll have our free mask-making panel to get creative and make your own.

If you'd rather a more direct route, we'll be selling them from $1 to $5 in various styles at the Masquerade door. Dressy or Cosplay costumes are encouraged, but only a mask is a requirement since all are welcome. We hope to see you there!

Neon Nyan Revolution

Dance the night away to some of the Inland Northwest’s best DJ’s. Glowsticks sold at the door.

Check out the DJs here: Neon Nyan Revolution Guest DJs

KNC Events and Panels

AMV Contest

Anime music videos (AMVs) are fan-made compositions which synchronize edited video clips from one or more anime with an audio track, often songs or promotional trailer audio.

Anime Viewing

Children's Festival

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Honoring the tradition of Tango no Sekku, a Japanese children's festival that celebrates children's personalities and happiness, kids will be able to enjoy fun Japanese children's games, crafts, and stories. Some examples of our crafts including making paper koinobori flags or carp flags, origami paper folding, a tutorial on how to use chopsticks, lantern making, japanese folk-tale story telling, beginners kendama playing, and coloring of children's anime characters!

All ages are welcome to come play with us!


Sing your heart out! Karaoke provided by Decibel Diversions.

Karaoke Idol

Come prove your love and talent to the world with KuroNekoCon's second year ANIME IDOL! Our illustrious KJs, with the help of our screaming karaoke fans, will pick one winner to be the very best (that no one ever was!). The winner will get a basket of prize goodies and get to perform their winning song at closing ceremonies! All levels are welcome to join! Any fandom song or tribute is also welcome!

Sign up starts at Sunday @ 10:00am in the Karaoke room and close @ 1:00pm

Live Drawing Contest

Movie Event: Rurouni Kenshin Origins (Ages 18+)

Manga Library

In the Manga Library you can read manga, take a rest from the convention jumble, and experience a bit of Japanese culture.

Mask Making

The mask making panel is for those who are interested in attending KNC's Masquerade but do not have a mask. Craft supplies are provided!

Guest Panels

Ayu Sakata’s Q&R

You got questions? Ayu’s got responses! Come ask your questions about voiceover, directing, writing visual novels, or how brew the perfect cup of tea. There will be free things. (Answers not guaranteed.)

Faina Lorah - Not So Happily Ever After: The Truth About Fairy Tales

It's no secret that the fairy tales we know are polished, Disney-fied versions of something a bit more disturbing. But how dark and creepy were the original stories? What was the original inspiration? Join author and artist Faina Lorah and hear about the real versions of popular fairy tale characters that you know and love.

Faina Lorah - So You Wanna Be an Artist

Learn the inside tricks to being a full-time artist: what your daily schedule can look like, how you can market yourself, what you need to know, and more!

Faina Lorah - Villains of Russian Fairy Tales

You may have heard about Baba Yaga, the mysterious witch in the woods who eats children, but do you know about Koschei the deathless king who ultimately inspired Voldemort's immortality? Or the sneaky man-eating wolf with a big heart? Learn about the quirky and goofy villains of Russian Fairy Tales with Faina Lorah.

Fantasm - Belly Dancing

Ventaia and Mishti lead a lesson in the art of belly dancing. Dance, learn, ask questions, and have some fun while trying something new.

Jessica Cavanagh - Anime for Autism

Are you or someone you know and love on the autism spectrum? Do you love anime? If so, Jessica invites you to come share what anime has meant to you or your loved one. Tell us about your favorite shows and characters! This will be a warm, safe environment to express yourself in the company of friends who can relate. Or, feel free to simply come and listen!

Jessica will be sharing about her experience with her son, who is on the spectrum, and she can't wait to meet you!

Jessica Cavanagh - Women in Anime with Jessica Cavanagh and Wendy Powell

Women of the anime dubbing industry come together to share stories from behind the mic and more! Hosted by Jessica Cavanagh.

Joe Perez - Getting into the Game Industry as a 3D Artist

Joe Perez has 7 years of experience in the video game industry and joined Cyan in 2014 where he was an integral part of the graphics development of their newly released game Obduction. Cyan is a local video game company best known for it's hugely popular point-and-click adventure games Myst and Riven.

Madeline West - The Art of the Kimono

Learn about kimono and how each design has a different meaning as well as the deep history behind these beautiful pieces of clothing and culture.

Micah and Ayu - Let’s Make a Visual Novel

The last visual novel sakevisual made took four years to complete. This one will only take one hour! Join Ayu Sakata and Micah Solusod as they speed through the VN-making process and make an original visual novel from scratch. Audience participation welcome!

Micah Solusod - Soul 2 Soul

Stop by and chat with Micah about what it’s like talking to yourself in a dark padded room. From anime to video games, Micah will take all of your questions and maybe even answer some ; ).

Spokane Buddhist Temple Bon Odori Dancers

Have fun learning about folk dances of Japan by joining in on this long-standing cultural tradition.

Spokane Kendo

Spokane Kendo members will demonstrate traditional Kata forms, prearranged striking drills (kirikaeshi), and free-style sparring with nothing prearranged (ji-geiko). Attendees will also be given an opportunity to learn hands on about the sport of Kendo by participating in basic exercises.

Spokane Taiko - Interactive Taiko Drumming Demonstration

Spokane Taiko hosts an interactive panel with the fantastic musical instruments of Taiko drumming. Come learn about the history and art of Taiko drumming and try them out for yourself.

Uptown Cosplay - Getting into Character

Learn tricks and methods from Uptown Cosplay, actor and veteran in hosting in-character panels, for getting inside a character's head and bringing your cosplays to life. Discussions and exercises on character study, mannerisms, avoiding bias, and headcanons with an emphasis on accuracy.

Uptown Cosplay - Storytime

Sit down with Uptown Cosplay and ask whatever questions you might have. Whether you want to get to know the cosplayer, get tips and advice, or just pick their brain, you never know what stories might come up. It's bound to be interesting!

Wendy Powell - Monolog Madness

Some lucky people will have the chance to write out crazy monologs and test out their acting skills with the master of character diversity. Wendy Powell, as your guide! Come on in and watch the madness unfold.

Zack Davisson - A Brief History of Yokai

From Godzilla to Pokémon, Japan is monster country. And all of Japan's monsters have their roots in the bizarre menagerie of creatures called yokai. Noted monster scholar and yokai folklorist Zack Davisson guides you through the history behind yokai; a journey from the invisible monsters of the Heian period to the yokai catalogs of Edo.

Zack Davisson - Supernatural Cats of Japan

All cats are magical, but the cats of Japan have their own secrets. If they live long enough, their tails split, they stand on their hind legs, and they start to dance. Come learn some of the secrets of these bakeneko from yokai scholar and author of Supernatural Cats of Japan Zack Davisson.

Fan Panels

Adventures in Wonderland

Fall down the rabbit hole and join Alice and her friends for a Wonderland adventure! Meet the residents of Wonderland for a crazy Q&A, wacky games, and be prepared for shenanigans galore!

The Anime Trivia Game Show

It's the return of the Anime Trivia Game Show! Where teams selected from the audience compete over their anime knowledge.

Ask The Teen Titans

The Teen Titans finally have the day off! They've decided to come check out the con. Meet the Titans and ask them your questions!!!

Battle of the Fandoms

Battle of the Fandoms is an audience participation tournament where audience members are selected to represent their fandoms and battle for their honor through a series of mini-games. Fight for your glory in our arena to take home the gold as The Best Fandom!

Camp Camp Panel Panel

Have you ever wanted to ask Max why he hates Camp Campbell? Maybe you want to ask David why he is the way he is? Well here is your chance!

Copyright Law and Fan-Art: IP Laws and Landmines

Can I get sued for drawing Luffy or Sailor Moon? Can I get sued for selling my Pikachu or Naruto drawings? Join the attorney-panelists for an overview of intellectual property laws and a discussion of the space that “fan-art” occupies within the framework of art and entertainment law. The panel will include real life copyright holder and fan-artist examples. This panel involves general information on general legal issues only, and NO LEGAL ADVICE WILL BE GIVEN DURING THE PANEL. FOR LEGAL ADVICE, CONSULT A LICENSED ATTORNEY.

Could you watch with... Adults Edition

Curious about the rated R anime your friends told you about or you read about on the internet? How about being unsure about the difference between Yuri, Yaoi, and Hentai? Come and ask us! We will have a list of anime presented in a game show-like format where you can test your ability to recognize what might not be something you could share with your parents. Note: All suggestions are only our opinion and we don't know your friends or family to tell you the specifics.

Could you watch with... Kids Edition

Find out if that anime you heard about is something you could watch with your little brother or sister, or if you can put it on for those kids you babysit, or if you really should buy that DVD for your kid. We will be giving our face reviews of anime and whether they are suitable for the under 8 crew, 8 to 13, or 13 to 18 group. Come and ask, and we will give you our suggestions. Note: Everything we review is only a suggestion and we suggest you review anything yourself to be sure.

Dating Game

Dating Game is an annual event where the mystery of the one behind the curtain is strong. Are they human, alien, or even a country?!? All you have to do is ask. Participants are chosen at the panel.

Dorks in Space a Voltron Panel

Join Voltron's Legendary Defenders for an hilarious Q&A along with trivia and games.


Games, truth or dare, and everything Haikyuu! We've gathered eight Haikyuu characters together for you to talk with and join in on the fun.

Haikyuu Volleyball Madness

Do you enjoy Haikyuu? If so, this fun and interactive panel is for you! This roller coaster of fun is hosted by Tsukishima and your favorite Haikyuu characters. There will be games, Q&A, and prizes. So come on, let's have some fun!

Ita Bags: Carry Your Merch in Style!

Discover the geeky Japanese fashion trend: Ita Bags! These "painfully" expensive bags covered in anime merchandise are a fun way to get some use out of your collection!

Magi Madness

The Magi have temporarily set aside their differences to answer your questions in this panel about the anime and manga series, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

Manlyness Panel

An in-depth look into a concept of manilyness, as it is represented in the media and popular culture.

Match Game

Come one and all as you partake in this classic 70's style game show. Answer fill-in-the-blank sentences in hopes of matching with the stars. Look forward to laughs, funny moments, and references to some of your favorite series! Can you match the stars in this modern day take on the Match Game?

Miraculously Jealous

I'm Adrien Agreste and I've managed to sneak away from my photoshoot to have some fun! Ladybug is here too! Maybe this is my chance to show her this time- uh-oh. . . Volpina just showed up! How is Adrien going to handle the situation when he can't get away from the two girls to suit up?

Panel of Manilyness

Come ask manly questions and maybe get some answers from our panel of manly experts.

Percy Jackson: Ask The Demigods

Hang out with some of your favorite Percy Jackson characters! You can ask them anything. Well, almost.

Rick and Morty Q & A

Rick has come from dimension C-137 to bring some pals together for a Q & A session!

RWBY Ask Panel

This is your chance to ask your favorite RWBY characters all of the questions you've been wanting to ask.

Sakuga: The Art of Japanese Animation

Ever wonder how the anime style got started? Want to know who drew your favorite scenes in One-Punch Man and Spirited Away? Curious about the history and technique of Japanese animation? Visit Spokane's first Sakuga panel! It will feature AMV showcases of anime's greatest artists.

Soul Eater Q & A

Meet the cast from Soul Eater! You can ask questions of your favorite characters and they may even perform some improv skits.

South Park Shenanigans

The South Park kids welcome you to an hour of fun-filled madness! There will be improv, audience interactive games, the dating game, and so much more! If you like fun, madness, shenanigans, and free hats, feel free to come on down and meet some friends of mine!

Steven Universe Panel

This is your opportunity to ask questions of the lovable characters of Steven Universe!

Team RWBY's Friendship Party!

The cast of RWBY and members of the audience will have a chance to show off their improv skills through various popular improv games!

Theories of the Type/Moon Universe a Fate/Stay Night Panel

Are you a fan of the Fate franchise? Can't get enough Fate/Stay Night? Have you ever wondered about the backstory and the secret behind the story's main character? Or have you ever wondered what events have to occur for Fate Kyleid Liner Prisma Illya to be plausible? Well sit back and enjoy the ride as we take an in-depth look in the Nasuverse to answer these questions and more.

Tokusatsu vs American

Discover the difference between Super Sentai and Power Rangers as we go over the history and differences of each season.

Undertaker Has Some Fun

Undertaker here! I've managed to get the Queen's Watchdog and his ever-so-hilarious butler to accompany me for a spell. I haven't had a good laugh in ages and I'm hoping to nab some by seeing what interestin' questions our guests have come up with. And not just questions, I've plenty of fun things planned and I'd love it if everyone joined me in havin' a laugh!

Undertale Panel

We are going to be a Q&A session and then we are going to be doing games.

Visual-Kei Videos

Experience a variety of Japanese bands performing songs from some of your favorite anime. Learn about each band as the videos play on.

Volleyball Feud

An hour and a half of Haikyuu fun! In this 18+ panel we will hold a short 30 minute Q&A where you can ask your favorite athletes all the questions you've been dying to ask. After the Q&A we will move into our very own rendition of Family Feud, where our volleyball players will compete to determine the best!

Voltron Legendary Defender

Pidge, Shiro, Lance, and Keith have returned to Earth! Your deepest burning questions will be answered! Also memes and dares.

Whose Fandom is it Anyway? (Takes 1 & 2)

The Nerdy Version of 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' is back and ready to make things schwifty. Watch or participate in many of your favorite improv games including Freeze, Scenes from a Hat, Party Quirks and many more. To join in on this wicked fun just swing on by the panel and stay for a while!

Yuri on Ice Pajama Party

Join the cast of Yuri on Ice for a hilarious character Q&A and games with prizes. Brought to you by the cast of Sakura Con's "YOI After Dark". PG Edition.

μ's "kyu" &A

Would you like to hang out with μ's from Love Live? Then come to our panel! We'll be having a Q&A, trivia, dancing, truth or dare, and having lots of fun!


KuroNekoCon's Gaming Department is in search of equipment! In order to make gaming at KNC awesome we need things like TV's, monitors, game systems, and all the other shiny things that will carry us through our long convention journey.

We are offering complementary attendee membership to those heroes willing to assist us on our quest for equipment! Check out the 2017 Lending Form or email for more details.

For questions, comments, and concerns please contact our Gaming Coordinator at

Console and PC Gaming

Gamecube: Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament

Pick your best fighter and get ready to Smash! This tournament will follow general universal rules for Melee with four players per match and single elimination. Competitive and casual players welcome!

N64: Mario Kart 64 Tournament

Step on up to test your driving skills in this tournament of turtle shells and the dreaded rainbow road. Up to 16 competitors will embark on this race to see who can claim the golden cup of Peach’s castle in the beloved Mario Kart 64.

PC: League of Legends 3v3 Tournament

Pick your champion in this 3v3 tournament where 8 teams will stand above the rest. Test your skill with your comrades against others to see who will be the reigning KNC League Champions.

XBOX One: Injustice 2 Tournament

Combatants choose their favorite DC hero or villain in a fight to the end!

XBOX 360: Minecraft Quick-Build Challenge

Out-build the competition to earn a place among KNC’s greatest master builders of awesomeness, or you can just come by to have fun with your friends at this block-tacular event! This tournament will take place in creative mode. Participants will be given a subject and may build anything within reason in a 15-minute time limit. May the best Steve win!

Card, Board, and Tabletop Gaming

Magic: The Gathering Tournament

Join us at KNC's modern format magic tournament.

Munchkin Freeplay

Wanna slay monsters, slack off as much as possible or be a zombie on the hunt for brains? Then join Chris French for some fun Steve Jackson games, including Munchkin, Chez Geek and Zombie Dice.

Pokemon Tournament

Join us once again for KNC’s unlimited Pokemon tournament! This event is perfect for new and old players alike. No matter how old the cards or deck, come and play!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

The KNC Yugioh Duelist Series will test your worth against all other contenders. Rack up wins and climb to the top where only one Duelist will emerge as the Ultimate KNC Champion! Who will be crowned the victor?

Arcade Games
Initial d game a43a5929765d80447103efb5d72f09966795288b9ed8f2aa701e0f6dcda37dd1Taiko game 68d504eca219931251c180bc53bdd909fb91fded158facff8c7241185e41fb33
Free-to-play Japanese and American arcade cabinets will be available to fill the gaping hole left in your hearts by the absence of the arcades of your childhood. Many of these games are hard to find in America.

Initial D

Players race against different opponents in various locations inspired by the classic manga series, Initial D. Race alone or against a friend!

Taiko No Tatsujin

Translated as "Taiko Master", Taiko No Tatsujin is a Japanese arcade cabinet created by Namco. Players simulate playing a Taiko drums in this fast paced and rather adorable rhythm arcade game.

Brave Blade

A Japanese 3-D vertical scrolling shooter in the spirit of space games such as asteroid. This arcade has inspired parts of games like the Square enix hit NieR:Automata with it’s classic style of gameplay.

Tekken Tag Tournament

The fourth main installment in Namco’s Tekken Fighting game series. Play as your favorite fighter in the original format of the beloved classic Tekken.

Gauntlet Legends

A fantasy hack and slash dungeon crawl game made by the infamous Atari. Play as one of the heroes as you venture out to defeat the evil Skorne. In this game, you’re adventure doesn't end until you run out of heath points!

DDR 4th Mix Plus

The beloved arcade game comes to the KNC game room. This dance and rhythm hybrid game is packed with a blend of popular and classic dance tracks for you to step up and show your moves on the dance pad.

Marvel vs Capcom

Marvel vs. Capcom is a crossover fighting game developed and published by Capcom. It features characters from their own video game franchises like Ryu and Chun-Li and beloved icons from Marvel comics such as Wolverine and Captain America.

Magical Truck Adventure

Travel along a railroad track on a hand-powered truck on a grand adventure to retrieve a magical stone in this cooperative Japanese arcade oddity that will have you and your friend learning the true meaning of friendship.