The Spokane Convention Center has implemented security measures at events like KuroNekoCon and we want to make sure you know what to expect before arriving.

KNC Staff have worked diligently along with the Convention Center to offer a positive convention experience, whether you arrive in a t-shirt, kimono, or suit of armor.

All attendees will be required to pass through metal detectors to enter the convention. To help you get through quicker, arrive earlier than you think you need to. Security will be searching for prohibited and illegal items. Please see the updated Peace Bonding Policy for a detailed explanation of what is allowed and disallowed.

An important change is that metal-bladed swords, whether or not they are sheathed, are no longer allowed.

Security will involve bag searches using illuminated wands, and metal detectors. If items on your person or something you are carrying triggers the metal detectors you may be asked to identify the items.

Convention Center Security Staff might ask you to remove articles of clothing or costume to identify metal on your person. If the Security Staff determine an object to be a security threat, you will be asked to leave and remove the metal object before attempting to re-enter the convention space.


If you’ve read all of the above, and something still doesn’t seem quite clear to you, please reach out to us on Facebook or contact our info department at