Registration FAQ

Click Here for Minor Badges

Attendees who are under the age of 18 must submit a signed permission slip to attend KuroNekoCon. To support this, we have included the payment for Minor Membership within the Parental Permission Slip itself. Once a form has been submitted and verified by our staff, the badge(s) will be charged and issued by us manually.

Attending Adults must purchase their badges first, so that their badge confirmation code can be entered into the Minor’s Parental Permission Slip.

Because Adult and Minor Membership are paid for in different ways. Adults use the same system as last year, while Minors use a different one – a Parental Permission Slip that ensures all of our Minor Attendees are safe and accounted for, with Attending Adults onsite to watch over them. This form is the same as last year, but with payment for Minor Membership included within it.

Purchase Adult Membership first, then fill out the Parental Permission Slip to purchase Minor Membership.

If you have any questions, email our Membership Director at

VIP membership comes with:

  • VIP Exclusive Merch
  • VIP Badge Ribbon
  • “Shiny” Mascot Trading Cards
  • Line Skip Passes
  • Priority Escape Room Access

Don’t wait, register as an attendee now! If you apply for, pass jury selection, and complete a contract for the Artist Alley or Exhibit Hall we will refund your attendee badge and the badge of your table helper at that time.

Due to a combination of wanting to support our small staff team, as well as logistical issues from a limited number of memberships available, we have made the decision to only sell full weekend memberships for KuroNekoCon 2024. This helps us simplify backend work so we can focus more on bringing everyone a great con! We apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause.


The top line of the badge in big, bold font (traditionally where the “Badge Nickname” goes).
During Registration, there will be a field by this name you can fill – if left blank, we will print your Legal Name.
Otherwise, here are some suggestions: your Preferred Name, Nickname, Badge Name, Title, Alias, Social Media Handle, etc.


Will be printed below the Primary Badge Name in smaller, thinner font.
A good place for your Nickname, Moniker, Social Media Handle, or your Legal/Preferred Name if you chose a different Primary Badge Name.

All Adult attendees who provided a mailing address during Registration purchased on or before June 20, 2024 will have their badges mailed.

All Minor attendees whose Attending Adult has provided a mailing address during Registration purchased on or before June 20, 2024 will have their badges mailed along with their Attending Adult’s badge

Badges that were purchased after June 20, 2024 will be available for pick up at the convention.

Both online and in-person registration at the convention will close when our max capacity of 1500 attendees is reached.

Memberships* are nonrefundable and cannot be transferred or sold. Please contact our Registration Manager at

*Please note that any references to “tickets” are unchangeable text generated by our purchasing provider, Eventeny.

We only sell memberships that grant access to our main convention, not tickets.

KuroNekoCon is run by the KuroNeko Cultural Association, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization that is 100% volunteer run (even our board of directors do not get paid). Due to the rules and regulations surrounding 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, you must purchase a membership in order to attend KuroNekoCon.

No. Your badge represents your membership with the KuroNeko Cultural Association which is not transferrable. Each attendee must register in their own name.

A new badge can be printed at the Info Booth for a replacement fee of $15. Valid Government issued ID must be provided to re-print a badge.

If the tracking information associated with your mailed badge shows that the badge never arrived, or shows that the badge was delivered to an address that does not match what was provided to KNCA as the mailing address (eg: a typo by KNCA Staff) then a new badge will be provided at the Info Booth at no fee. Valid ID must be provided to re-print a badge.

If the tracking information shows that the badge was mailed to the address on file, then a new badge can be printed at the Info Booth for a replacement fee of $15, as it is the responsibility of the purchasing party to provide a valid mailing address. Valid ID must be provided to re-print a badge.

For those 18 and older:

  • Bring your Eventeny Membership Info – QR Code preferred for speedy badge lookup.
  • Bring a current government-issued photo ID.

For those under 18:

  • Bring your Attending Adult, the one listed on your Parental Permission Slip. They must be able to show their ID.
    If your Attending Adult needs to be updated, whoever first submitted the form can send the new information to the Membership Director at to be verified and updated.

You will receive an email from with the subject line “New registration purchased for KuroNekoCon 2024”.

If you haven’t received this email after 24 hours, check your spam folder and then contact our Membership Director at

All Registration is conducted online via our purchasing provider, Eventeny. As long as the attendee cap of 1500 has not been reached, Memberships will be available for purchase.

Membership entitles you to all 3 days of our convention – single day memberships are unavailable.

No, membership to KuroNekoCon is non-transferable. Each person who registers online must do so for themselves, supply needed documentation, and pick up their own badge.

Yes, just provide your payment information for them to use when registering on Eventeny, our purchasing platform.

Registration staff asks for your current government-issued photo ID to prove that you are 18 or older. You will also need to present your ID to enter 18+ panels and events. Examples of government-issued photo ID are a driver license, passport, and military ID.

No, but the adult who is picking up your badges will need to show us their current government-issued photo ID.

A Minor is an individual under the age of 18 during the convention, and an Adult is an individual who is 18 years of age or older.

Minors attending KuroNekoCon need to have a responsible Attending Adult register, pick up badges, and remain on the premises of the venue while the Minor(s) attend(s). 

Minors under the age of 13 must be physically accompanied by the Attending Adult at all times.

Yes, and it is the first step towards purchasing Minor Membership(s). Click here for the Parental Permission Slip.

No, your attending adult does not need to be your parent, but they must have a current government-issued photo ID, be 18 years of age or older, a registered attendee, and be named on your parental permission slip.

No. You must be accompanied by an adult who also registers and remains on the premises of the event grounds while you attend. You must also submit a signed parental permission slip.

No. The registered Attending Adult (who is 18 years of age or older) mentioned on your Parental Permission Slip must remain on the premises of the event grounds while you attend.

No. All attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by the registered Attending Adult (who is 18 years of age or older) mentioned in their Parental Permission Slip, and remain on the premises of the venue while the Minor attends.

If your 18th birthday is on one of the days of the convention, you will need to bring a current government-issued photo ID as proof of your age to the Info Desk and your badge will be changed from an indicated Minor badge to an Adult badge at no extra charge. 

You will still need to register first as a Minor using the Parental Permission Slip.

Only if they are a Minor and you are their parent, legal guardian, or are listed as the Attending Adult on the parental permission slip.
All other attendees must be present with their current government-issued photo ID to pick up their badge at Registration.

No – Due to the end of of the federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency declaration on May 11th 2023, accessibility for testing has decreased significantly. In order to reduce hurdles such as cost and availability, KuroNeko Cultural Association (KNCA) will not be requiring proof of Covid vaccination or a negative test to attend our event. This decision was made with our attendees in mind.

In place of the vaccine documentation and negative test requirement, we are implementing a basic health check to help determine whether or not you are feeling well enough to attend an event with many other people. This check will be sent out to all attendees & non-attendees within 48 hours of our convention via our registration platform Eventeny.

If you find yourself feeling unwell during the event, we encourage you stay home to avoid potentially passing “con crud” to other attendees.

KuroNekoCon cares for the health and safety of our whole community. As such we highly encourage masks to be worn on site during all events and will be providing them at any KNCA booth during our convention (Info Booth, Control Booth, Merch Booth), but this is only required for representatives of KNCA (volunteers, staff, guests, industry, exhibitors, artists, and press). #CanelConCrud

Registration Badge Pick-Up time & dates will be determined as each event draw near. 


Please contact for press inquiries, or for industry inquiries.

Registration allows access to the entirety of the event registered for. 18+ panels & events will also require a valid government-issued I.D. for age-verification.

We want to ensure that KuroNekoCon can occur every year and to present the best event we can. As inflation increases, so do the expenses associated with running the convention. Our memberships are priced to cover the cost of the venue.

Every dollar of your registration goes towards operating expenses – every staff member of KuroNekoCon (including the Board of Directors) are volunteers who are not paid for their time or expertise.

All registration is online via Eventeny, our purchasing platform, and accepts all major credit & debit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

No. Children ages 4 and under can attend for free when accompanied by a responsible attending adult 18 years of age or older who registers and remains on the premises of the event grounds while the children attend. A signed parental permission slip must be submitted for each child.

Due to a number of conditions such as the event space, event location, event run-time, and the growing number of attendees, KuroNekoCon Staff are simply unable to watch every attendee all the time. There must be the presence of an attending adult to be responsible for minors in situations that would require their knowledge of the minor or for when staff may be unable to provide assistance.

There is no difference between pre-registration and registration for KuroNekoCon 2024. Registration can be purchased online until it sells out.

No. Only the listed Attending Adult or Parent/Legal Guardian can pick up a Minor’s badge, and every Attendee over 18 must be present to show ID and pick up their own badge.

If you would like to change the listed Attending Adult, please contact our Membership Director at from the email who initially submitted the Minor’s Parental Permission Slip.

A new badge can be printed at the Info Booth for a replacement fee of $15. Valid Government issued ID must be provided to re-print a badge. The fee may increase if several subsequent badges are lost and replaced.

As long as you wear your badge you can enter and exit the convention as needed.

No! If you have received your badge in the mail, you can wear it into the convention without standing in line at the Registration Booth.