Peace Bonding

Peace Bonding Policy

For reference, “KNCA” and “we” refers to KuroNeko Cultural Association, “KNC” refers to KuroNekoCon, and “item” refers to anything that receives a peace bonding mark.

KuroNeko Cultural Association welcomes and encourages our attendees to come in cosplay and have a great time at events. We desire to foster a positive and encouraging environment where all attendees can enjoy a safe, fun, and memorable event. To that end, we require that anyone bringing in prop items that resemble weapons or are larger than six inches in any dimension, read and adhere to this policy.

Peace Bonding Props:

  • Every attendee bringing props into the convention will be required to have the props inspected and marked by KNCA staff.
  • Props must be re-inspected and re-marked, each day of the convention.
  • Items must be peace bonded prior to entering the convention.
  • Attendees purchasing props at the convention will be required to visit the peace bonding table to have the items peace bonded, or remove the item from the convention.
  • Any attendee found to be altering or modifying Peace Bonding marks may be subject to a strike.
  • Any attendee found to be falsifying marks on props, in an attempt to bypass Peace Bonding inspection, may be issued an automatic third strike, which would result in immediate revocation of the attendee’s badge without refund, removal from the Facility, and a ban from KNCA events.

At KNCA’s discretion, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Brandishing or swinging your prop item, with exception of safely brandishing for the purpose of posing for a photograph.
  • Using a prop item to threaten or intimidate others.
    Hitting, tapping, poking, or or otherwise inappropriately touching another person with your prop item.
  • Using a prop item to annoy or bother others in a direct or intentional way.
  • Pointing a prop item at another person without permission.
  • Leaving your prop item unattended at any time.
    Causing damage to personal property.

Please exercise caution and be aware of the size of your peace bonded item so as to not inadvertently come in contact with people or property. You are responsible for the interactions of your peace bonded item whether it is in your possession or not. If you let anyone else use or hold your peace bonded item you are responsible for anything that person does with your peace bonded item.

If your peace bonding mark comes off of your item you must return to the peace bonding booth to receive a new mark and sign a new agreement.

The following items are prohibited from all KNCA functions and events:

  • Items that are or have ever been functional projectile weapons whether or not you have a concealed weapons permit. This includes firearms and airsoft guns even if they have been gutted or filled, functional bows even if the bow string is removed, projectile play weapons such as Nerf brand items, and water squirting items.
  • Paddles, for example: yaoi/yuri paddles.
  • Live blades, metal-bladed swords, and items with cutting edges such as knives, scissors with sharp tips, and razor blades.
  • Spring-loaded wrist blades regardless of material.
  • Anything determined to be unsafe to the public.
  • Unlawful items.
  • Skates of any kind worn on feet.
  • Ice skates without rigid blade guards covering the entire sharpened blade.
  • Live ammunition.
  • Pepper spray.
  • Props that are large enough to impede foot traffic, block doorways/fire exits, or cause a significant hazard to other individuals because of excessive bulk or size.

Exotic weapons will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

KNCA reserves the right to take into consideration each prop on a case by case basis to determine allowability of any item. At the discretion of the KNCA items deemed unsafe may be rejected and you may be asked to remove your item from the premises for any reason at any time.

Violations of this peace bonding agreement will require the removal of the peace bonded item from the premises and may subject you to a strike as described in the Attendee Code of Conduct.

Peacebonding agreements must be signed by the attendee bearing the item. If the Attendee is a minor, a parent or gaurdian must sign the form on behalf of the minor and maintain a physical presence at KNC as a paid attendee.


If you’ve read all of the above, and something still doesn’t seem quite clear to you, please reach out to us on Facebook or contact our info department at