Community Guidelines - Comments & Chat

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The KuroNeko Community extends beyond the convention time and place, assembled in the online spaces where we share and connect throughout the year.

When interacting with other people on the various platforms where KNCA resides, we hold our members to the following guidelines:

  1. Be respectful and polite in your posts and your replies to other members.

  2. KNC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove, kick, or otherwise ban with regard to any posts and block any member that violates prohibited postings:

    • Content deemed inappropriate for all ages, including minors.
    • Posts including personal attacks, insults, harassment, individual or group attacks
    • Profanity
    • Hate Speech, violent or humiliating words or visual graphic content
    • Sexually explicit content
    • Personal disputes, postings targeting others that could be construed as harassment of a generalized or specific nature.
    • Bad faith complaints about any third party businesses, groups, conventions, including other Discord servers, advertisers, and educational opportunities
    • Posts from for-profit entities or individuals soliciting money. *
  3. Don’t ask others for their personal information.

  4. If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let us know. We want this community to be a welcoming space for all chatters & attendees of KNC!

Asset 2 Asset 3 Twitch Chat
  • Don’t ask others for their personal information, or share your own.
  • Please no self-promo without permission from the host or mods. Ask permission before sharing links.
  • No spamming or copy-pastas
  • Avoid excessive caps lock
  • Go easy on the Gasm-style emotes
  • Abide by the Twitch Community Guidelines
Discord Chat
  • Keep content all-ages – no age-restricted or obscene content. This includes posts, voice chat, usernames/nicknames, and server profiles.
  • No spam or self-promotion (server invites, advertisements, etc) outside of the 🔌shameless-plugs channel. This includes DMing fellow members without prior consent.
  • *You may link to outside sales or businesses in 🔌shameless-plugs so long as specific sales and prices are not arranged or directly advertised in the server.
  • Ask permission before sending others Direct Messages (DMs).
Tiktok/Youtube/Instagram/Facebook Comments
  • WIP