KuroNekoConline: July 18th, 2020!

Thank you for making KuroNekoConline a huge success!

Conline is over, but thank you to everyone who joined in the stream, contests, crafts, games, and more!

Contest and raffle winners will be announced here soon.

Join the fun online!

KuroNekoCon is bringing you a one day virtual event, featuring streamed panel content, art and cosplay events, and so much more. Watch this space, or follow us on social media to be the first to know details as they’re announced!

Joining the event will be completely free – although like any convention, you might want to budget for the exhibitors hall or the charity auction!

Guest Panels!

KuroNekoConline is excited to feature panels and content from several brilliant guests including Kazha, KionCloud, Uptown Cosplay, Spokane Buddhist Temple Bon Odori Dancers, and Lori Collins!

Cosplay Contest!

KuroNekoCon’s Cosplay Contest has moved online! Dress up and take your best photos from the comfort of home and get them featured during KuroNekoConline!


Lip Sync Battle!

For the first time ever, KuroNekoCon’s Lip Sync Battle will be going online in the form of a TikTok Contest! So break out your best Junko pose and submit your entry before July 8th July 15th (deadline extended) to be featured in KuroNekoConline!


Fan Panels!

Bringing you a new kind of Fan Panel experience, KuroNekoConline will be featuring digital Fan Panels from attendees just like you! Panel submissions ended July 11th, so please look forwards to the schedule coming soon!


Q. Where do I watch the stream?
A. We will be streaming content through youtube, but there will be much more than just the stream available the day of the event! KuroNekoCon.com will be the central hub for everything KuroNekoConline.
Q. Where is the link to view?
A. You can view the stream live from our the home page of KuroNekoCon.com on Saturday July 18th, and we will start releasing some interactive content as early as Friday July 17th, so make sure to check it out at KuroNekoCon.com!
Q. How much will it cost?
A. As a virtual mini-con, KuroNekoConline is completely free! This is a tough time for everyone, so we will be accepting donations towards the future of the convention if you are in a place to contribute, or you can bid on an item in our charity auction benefiting the WA Black Trans Taskforce.
Q. Will there be cool merch?
A. We will have a virtual exhibit hall with official KNC Merchandise, some KuroNekoConline exclusives, and some of your favorite artists and exhibitors from KNC!
Q. Is there anything to do other than watch the stream?
A. There are contests like the Lip Sync Battle and Cosplay contest that you can enter before the event, and during the event there will be all kinds of interactive content! Including a virtual escape room, coloring contest, jackbox games, exhibit hall, and super [secret] scavenger hunt.