[efcb-section-conference layout=”default” import=” ” title=”August 9th-11th 2019″ image=”” date=”” datetext=”” location=” The premier anime convention in Spokane, Washington! Three exciting days of Japanese culture and pop culture! ” view_text=” ” view_url=” ” hide_register_button=”yes” date_countdown=”” youtube_code=” ” background_image_desktop=”” background_image_tablet=”” background_image_mobile=”” background_color=” ” title_font_color=” ” date_location_color=” ” date_subtitle_color=” ” register_button_background=” ” register_button_color=” ” timer_background_color=” ” timer_text_color=” ” hide_calendar=” ” id=”ui-id-5-1541817945377144″ entities=””][/efcb-section-conference][efcb-section-social title=”Connect with KuroNekoCON!” subtitle=”Be the first to get the inside scoop on guests, events, and more” title_font_color=” ” subtitle_font_color=” ” background_color=” ” icon_text_color=” ” icon_font_size=”” title_font_size=” ” subtitle_font_size=” ” margin_top=” ” margin_bottom=” ” entities=”ef_facebook,ef_twitter,ef_instagram,ef_youtube,” id=”ui-id-4-1541820367653116″][/efcb-section-social][efcb-section-html line_spacing=” ” text_font_color=” ” id=”ui-id-7-154517292800843″][content]


With over 400 hours of anime, gaming, and Japanese culture programming jam packed into three days, KuroNekoCon brings the excitment of anime to life. With panels, industry guests, sword fighting tournaments, concerts, dances, an escape room and way, way more there is something for every fan to explore.

More information on programming and registration coming soon!