Important Update on Pricing and Our Future

Dear KuroNekoCommunity,

We have some important updates regarding our pricing and the future of our KuroNekoCon. Our goal has always been to create an inclusive experience for all our attendees, so we need to be transparent about our current situation and seek your support.

Unfortunately, the costs associated with hosting a panel-heavy convention like KNC have continued to rise. So when we determined our membership prices for KNC’24, it was for a mix of reasons:

  • to move back to the Convention Center for a three-day run (not including day zero), so that more people could enjoy the con in a larger space and have 11 rooms worth of programming to choose from.
  • to improve the quality of our content, both the fresh and the favorites: special guests like voice actors, tabletop gaming, creative activities, LARP/active events, the dance, escape room, scavenger hunt, and more.
  • to help keep our event running as a 501(c)(3) non profit after many years of being unable to host events.

Our membership price is based on the minimum we could charge while still offering the content our attendees have come to know and love.

Financial Overview

To cover this year’s costs alone, leaving no funds to carry us into future years, we need the support of roughly 700 members each contributing $65 per membership.

For us to have enough to move forward with planning KuroNekoCon 2025, we will need 1500 – 2000 members support.

KuroNeko Cultural Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. This means that 100% of our profits go back into making KuroNekoCon happen. Our staff are entirely volunteers, and commit countless hours year-round in order to bring you the convention you know and love. The work from our small staff of 50 is unpaid, but is also a labor of love which we highly value.

To preserve that value (and prevent burnout), in 2023 we began to allot funds to offer hotel rooms to staff in need, as well as provide light meals to keep us going while we all work hard bringing our convention to life.

For context, our event budget is around $100,000* and breaks down as follows:

An infographic representing how KuroNekoCon's $100,000 budget for 2024 is divided:
Venue: 28%
Marketing/Community Outreach: 18%
Guest appearance fees and hotels: 14%
Convention Center Staffing: 12%
Audio visual and equipment: 12%
Yearly operational fees, Taxes, storage unit, etc: 9%
Staff hotels and food: 7%
*Some budget prices won't be finalized until after the convention, therefore their costs are estimated.
Text version of the above infographic
  • 28% – Venue
  • 18% – Marketing/Community Outreach
  • 14% – Guest appearance fees and hotels
  • 12% – Convention Center Staffing
  • 12% – Audio visual and equipment
  • 9% – Yearly operational fees, Taxes, storage unit, etc
  • 7% – Staff hotels and food
    *Some budget prices won’t be finalized until after the convention, therefore their costs are estimated.

Pricing Changes and Refunds

We understand the burden fees impose, and that this additional cost to membership took many of you by surprise. We have heard the feedback from our community and have decided to support you in turn by making the following changes to our membership cost:

  • Current Membership Price ($65) will remain the same through July 21st, 2024.
  • Refunds for online registration fees already paid by our Pre-Registered Attendees will be issued this week ($4.40 for most Memberships). We want to thank you for your early support and ensure you feel valued.
  • Attendee cap will be raised to 2000, and we will be ramping up our advertising efforts to reach more fans.

How You Can Help

  • Attend the Convention: The best way to support us is by attending and encouraging others to join.
  • Spread the Word: Share our event with your friends and on social media. Share your cosplays with us!
  • Engage with Us: Follow our social media channels for updates and behind-the-scenes content. Your engagement helps build our community.

We are committed to making KuroNekoCon an unforgettable experience, but we need your help to make it happen. We appreciate your continued support and understanding. Together, we can ensure that our beloved convention thrives for many years to come.

The KuroNekoCon Team