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Tsuki & Hoshi’s Enchanted Gala

Mark your calendars for KNCA’s first event back in Spokane! Find all three floors of the Montvale Event Center packed with cosplay, dancing, vendors, artists, and more at our first ever combination Gala and Mini Con! Enjoy free access to the vendor hall, or buy a ticket to head upstairs for the full enchanted adventure. All ticket sales to the gala are directly funding our #KuroNekoComeback to once again host Spokane’s beloved anime convention KuroNekoCon!

Vendor Hall: Open to the public, All Ages

Tickets: *Gala Admission for Ages 13+, Purchase @ Comic Book Shop [NorthTown Mall Location: 1402 North Division, Spokane, WA 99202] -or- at the door

Standard Admission: $30 / VIP: $70

All Tickets Include:

    • Dance with Live DJ
    • Cosplay Contest
    • Photo Booth
    • Complimentary Snacks

Also Enjoy:

  • Charity Raffle
  • Raffle Proceeds benefit Odyssey Youth Movement
  • Full Service Bar
  • (21+ Only, ID Required)
  • Chibify Yourself Room
  • Printed Photo Booth Photos


VIP Tickets: Limited Quantity


Exclusive VIP Lounge, Limited edition pin, 3 Raffle Tickets, VIP Full Color Chibify Yourself & Printed Photo Booth Included in price of VIP Admission

send any questions to gala@kuronekocon.com

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