Get Involved

Help make a difference in your anime community!

KuroNekoCon is a 100% volunteer-run event. From the most involved Board of Directors to the day-of volunteers who donate their time to make sure the staff make it through the weekend, no one receives monetary compensation for the time they donate to the convention. It’s people like you who decide they want to step in to make something better that make this convention possible.

No matter how little or how much time you have to dedicate, there’s an opportunity for you to make an impact.

Next Meeting

General Meetings
These meetings are open to the public! If you’re interested in KNC Staff, or just want to see how things are run, please stop by.


Board Meetings
These meetings are hosted online via video streaming service, and are open to viewing for the public! If you’re interested in board procedures, email for the invite link to attend.


The Comic Book Shop
Northtown Mall
4750 N Division St #2130
Spokane, WA 99207


The Comic Book Shop is located between Kohls and JC Penny on the second floor of the mall.


See Calendar for Exact Date


Ending time depends on topics to be covered, but will not go past 8PM.

Hoshi’s Helpers (Volunteers)

If you have a few extra hours of time over the weekend, but don’t want to or have the ability to be involved with the convention year round, this is the opportunity for you! Hoshi’s Helpers donate a small portion of their weekend while making a big impact – then have the rest of the weekend to enjoy the convention.

Hoshi’s Helpers who donate at least 9 hours of their time over the course of the Convention Weekend will receive complimentary membership for the weekend of KNC. Hoshi’s Helpers who donate at least 5 hours of time will receive 50% off their weekend membership.

Becoming a Hoshi’s Helper

Staff Up!

Staff members stay involved all year with organization and planning, and work together to develop the future of KuroNekoCon as a convention. Both online and local staffing opportunities are available. If you want to join a team of hard working Japanese pop/culture fans with dedication and perseverance, and have a say in the future of our convention, then this is the community for you.

Staff Perks

  • Complimentary Staff Membership
  • Valuable training from a registered 501(c)(3) organization that can be displayed on resumes and scholarship applications
  • 25% off of official KNC Merchandice
  • 50% off attendee membership for immediate family members
  • Voting rights within the organization
  • The ability to run for Coordinator, Manager, and Board positions
  • Inclusion in a close-knit community who share a common passion for anime, gaming, and Japanese culture
Joining Staff
  • You must support the purposes of KNCA, and be at least 18 years of age (Or sponsored by a family member or legal gaurdian who is also a staff member).
  • Step 1: Submit a complete Staff Application in which you read and agree to our Staff Code of Conduct and Bylaws.
  • Step 2: EITHER, A) Introduce yourself at a general meeting, OR B) Conduct a brief interview with a board member via phone or video streaming service.
  • Step 3: Be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the Staff Members present at a General Meeting. Following this vote the applicant for staff membership will gain voting rights and the ability to run for positions.