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KuroNekoCon is a 100% volunteer-run event hosted by the KuroNeko Cultural Association (KNCA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Spokane, Washington. From the Board of Directors and the Staff, to the day-of volunteers who donate their time to make sure the staff make it through the weekend, no one receives monetary compensation for the time they donate to the convention. Without this amazing group of dedicated people we wouldn't be able to bring an anime convention to the inland northwest.

You too can join us in making an impact on our community! We have two distinct methods of volunteering with us, depending on the level of involvement with KNCA you are interested in.

Get Involved

Option 1. KuroNekoCon Volunteers

  • Help out the weekend of KNC for only 8 hours
  • Perfect if you share the passions, but don't have time to commit to staff, or aren't interested in the behind-the-scenes aspects
  • Great way for adults supervising minors at KNC to cover their membership costs while contributing to the community
  • Help with panel moderating, main events, information, gaming, and more!


  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be willing to volunteer during assigned shifts
  • Submit a Volunteer Application and read and agree to our policies and codes of conduct

Volunteers Receive

  • Complimentary membership for the weekend of KNC
  • Volunteer hours for the weekend of KNC
  • Valuable experience in areas such as customer service
Volunteer Positions

If you have any questions feel free to send an email to!

Option 2. Staff Members of KNCA

  • Stay involved all year with organization and planning
  • Assist with areas such as Main Events, Registration, Guests, Media, and more!
  • Vote on convention and KNCA decisions
  • Develop the future of the convention


  • Be at least 18 years of age (or be accompanied by a family member or legal guardian)
  • Attend 12 meetings throughout the year (not local to Spokane? Contact us for meeting waiver options)
  • Be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the Staff Members present at your third General Meeting
  • Submit a Staff Application and read and agree to our policies and codes of conduct

Staff Members Receive

  • Complimentary staff membership
  • Valuable training that can be displayed on resumes and scholarship applications
  • Volunteer hours for meetings and events
  • 10% off of KNC merchandise
  • 50% off attendee membership for immediate family members
  • Inclusion in a close-knit community who share a common passion for anime, gaming, and Japanese culture

Current Openings

Facilities Liaison - AMV Coordinator - Anime Viewing Coordinator - Web Coordinator - Photography Coordinator

Department Openings

General Information - Peace Bonding - Registration - Guest Liaison - Exhibit Hall - Panel Moderators - Anime Viewing - Manga Library - Creative Activities - Children's Festival - Media - Merchandising - Tsuki Brigade - Main Events - Tech - Gaming

Open Staff Positions

If you have any questions feel free to send an email to We hope to see you at a meeting!

Staff Code of Conduct Bylaws of the KuroNeko
Cultural Association

Upcoming Meetings

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Other Ways To Get Involved

Check Out our Facebook Community: KuroNekoCon Official Group

Submit a Panel: Fan Panel Application

Industry Application: Industry Application