Exhibit Hall

[efcb-section-samplepage hero_image=” ” title=”Exhibit Hall” subtitle=”KuroNekoCon’s Exhibitor’s Hall, located in Hall 100B&C, contains the Artist Alley, Exhibitors, our Industry Partners, and the Japanese Culture Exhibit.” background_color=” ” title_font_color=” ” subtitle_font_color=” ” id=”ui-id-2-1542563825644190″][content]



The Exhibit Hall is the main area where merchandise will be sold at KNC. It is also a space for businesses, companies and organizations related to Japanese, anime, or gaming culture to advertise their products, services or aims.

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Artist Alley

The Artist Alley is a space for artists and artisans to sell their wares. Artwork of any style or medium, as well as handmade crafts are welcome in Artist Alley. If it was made by you, you can probably sell it in AA.

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Partner Tables and Industry

Partner Tables are complementary spaces that we reserve for members of the anime, manga, and gaming industries, organizing members of the convention community, and members of local cultural and educational organizations and clubs.

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