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Guest Announcement: Rose City Fashion Week

Welcome our guest, Rose City Fashion Week! Rose City Fashion Week is an PNW Nonprofit dedicated to supporting and uplifting Marginalized Creatives throughout their artistic journeys in the Fashion, Beauty, and Costuming industries of the PNW.

Fashioning opportunities for all creatives through Inspiration, Representation, and Community.

Guest Announcement: Colleen Cosplay

Welcome our guest, Colleen Cosplay! Colleen Cosplay is a cosplayer and youtuber from the Pacific Northwest. Through her YouTube channel, she shares tutorials for how to make your own costumes including sewing, foam work, prop building, wig styling, and makeup.
In addition, Colleen uses her YouTube platform to share her experiences as a cosplayer. Covering the unique intersection between disability and cosplay, she covers topics such as accessibility in cosplay spaces and how to make cosplay more inclusive for disabled cosplayers.
She has competed in cosplay competitions and cosplay lip sync battles winning awards for craftsmanship and adaptive dance.

Guest Announcement: KionCloud

Welcome our guest, KionCloud! When KionCloud first stepped into the cosplay scene in 2013, they knew from their love of creating and crafting that it would be a hobby that they would enjoy diving into. Since they began, they’ve expanded their skills from making costumes for various cultural and fandom events within the Pacific Northwest, to traveling further and expanding their love of cosplay into various forms; making YouTube videos, performing in-character for panels, and participating in various live events at conventions. KionCloud strives to be a positive influence in the community, both in person and online via their Instagram where you can find much of their cosplay content. If you see them at a convention, make sure to come and say hello!

Guest Announcement: Uptown Cosplay

Now announcing our cosplay guest, Uptown Cosplay! Since beginning their journey 2012, Uptown Cosplay has been combining their favorite hobbies into one—cosplay, acting, dance, and crafting—in bringing characters to life.

Guest Announcement: Dorothy Fahn

Welcome our first announced guest, Dorothy Fahn!

Dorothy is a native of southern California who began her career as a stage and on-camera actress, specializing in musicals… and commercials with no dialog! Since then she has lent her voice to hundreds of Anime, Video Games, ADR, and Animation titles! Some of which are Mercedes and Rinea in Fire Emblem, Konan in Naruto, Kie Kamado in Demon Slayer, Meryl in Trigun, Ms. Bustier in Miraculous Ladybug, Lillymon-Rosemon and lots of other ‘mons’ in Digimon, and Chihiro, Sayaka & Tsumugi in Danganronpa!


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