COVID Response: 2021 Convention Cancellation

It is with sadness, but hope for the future, that the time has come to announce the cancellation of KuroNekoCon 2021. When the dates for 2021 had originally been announced, we never imagined that the COVID-19 pandemic would still be a very real danger this far in the future. We now see a light at the end of the tunnel and a future that promises the return of in person events, but that promise still needs more time to take shape. We simply do not have clear enough information to plan a safe and successful convention in time for this summer. And so, it is with a heavy heart that the Board of Directors of KuroNeko Cultural Association must convey the cancellation of KuroNekoCon 2021.

As we do not yet know the dates or times we will be able to reconvene for the next KuroNekoCon, all membership, artist alley, and exhibitor payments will be refunded. This is a manual process which may take some time to complete, but we expect funds to be returned by April 25th. We ask for your patience with our Treasury department in the meantime, as they are making it their utmost priority to process as quickly as feasible while maintaining accuracy.

Upon request last year we provided the option to donate your registration costs to KuroNeko Cultural Association as a tax deductible donation. This option has been made available again, and we are deeply humbled and grateful for your support. A receipt of donation will be issued to the email address on file. Contact for inquiries regarding refunds or donations.

The loss of our 2021 event has been felt by every member of KNCA Staff, a disappointment I’m sure we share with you. We are looking forward to the next time we’ll be able to host KuroNekoCon and give everyone the opportunity to see friends and return to a place where we can all be ourselves. Until then, we are still dedicated to staying active with our community.

We will continue to host giveaways, events, and contests virtually throughout the year. We are still here to foster connection in our community, understanding of each other, and celebration of diversity, even if that may manifest very differently for the next year. This is the filler arc, and while we might not appreciate some of the crazy plotlines the writers have decided to add (a pandemic, really? How unrealistic.), we are excited to return from our painstaking level up montage better than ever. In the meantime, stay safe KuroNeko Crew.

Quincey Miracle, Chair of the Board
Kevin Hamberg, ViceChair of the Board

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the KuroNekoCultural Association.

Since staff roles are still ongoing as we produce virtual events and long term projects to benefit the next in person event, all staff membership will be retained and new staff applications are welcome and encouraged.

Artist Alley
All artist alley payments will be refunded and all reserved tables and waitlist space will be cleared. Artist skill levels, priorities, and situations have changed significantly over the last two years, and no longer accurately reflect the applications submitted in 2019. A fresh start and a new application will be opened when we return. Email with any questions.

All exhibitor payments will be refunded and all reserved tables and waitlist space will be cleared. Email with any questions.

All currently accepted volunteer applications will be cleared. Email with any questions.

All currently accepted panel applications will be cleared. Email with any questions.