Guest Announcement: KionCloud

Welcome our guest, KionCloud! When KionCloud first stepped into the cosplay scene in 2013, they knew from their love of creating and crafting that it would be a hobby that they would enjoy diving into. Since they began, they’ve expanded their skills from making costumes for various cultural and fandom events within the Pacific Northwest, […]

Guest Announcement: Uptown Cosplay

Now announcing our cosplay guest, Uptown Cosplay! Since beginning their journey 2012, Uptown Cosplay has been combining their favorite hobbies into one—cosplay, acting, dance, and crafting—in bringing characters to life.

Guest Announcement: Dorothy Fahn

Welcome our first announced guest, Dorothy Fahn! Dorothy is a native of southern California who began her career as a stage and on-camera actress, specializing in musicals… and commercials with no dialog! Since then she has lent her voice to hundreds of Anime, Video Games, ADR, and Animation titles! Some of which are Mercedes and […]