Guest Announcement: Lori Collins

Lori Collins is an anime and fantasy illustrator from Kent, Washington. She specializes in digital and watercolor work with clean lines, vibrant colors and really crazy-impossible hair. She is dedicated to proving that representation matters, and makes sure her art is as diverse as possible. All bodies are valid, beautiful and deserving of being artistic […]

Event Schedule Released

Check out the full event schedule on Eventeny! Printable PDF schedule will be released closer to the convention. Full Event Schedule Check out the full event schedule on Eventeny! (Scroll down to the schedule section) SEE SCHEDULE

Guest Announcement:

Another wonderful year with Spokane Buddhist Temple Bon Odori Dancers! Bon Odori is the Beauty of Japanese Dance. They are a traditional Japanese dance group that loves to perform as well as teach Japanese folk dances to audiences, while wearing traditional kimonos or yukatas. This style of Japanese dance is performed during the Obon Festival, a […]

Guest Announcement: Spokane Taiko

KNC is so glad to have Spokane Taiko back for 2023! Spokane Taiko is a non-profit organization that seeks to build community and create awareness through the traditional music and rhythms of Japan. Members experience a journey in building relationships, physical stamina, focus, and cooperation (just to name a few). These skills not only contribute […]

Guest Announcement: TabiKat Productions

We’re so excited for our next guest! The child of TABItha Simmons and KAThy Sprague, TabiKat Productions, has been bringing drag Queens, Kings, Things and the inbetweens to the stage for the last 28 years in the Pacific Northwest. Recently they have been branching out into classes on some of the basics of not only […]

Guest Announcement: Starshine Maid Cafe

Welcome our guest, Starshine Maid Cafe! Based out of Portland, Starshine Maid Cafe is a constellation of celestial maids, traveling across the PNW to share Moe Magic via pop-ups, conventions, and showcases! We are aiming to open the premiere brick-and-mortar maid cafe in the Pacific Northwest, inspired by maid cafes in Japan. We are so […]

Guest Announcement: Rose City Fashion Week

Welcome our guest, Rose City Fashion Week! Rose City Fashion Week is an PNW Nonprofit dedicated to supporting and uplifting Marginalized Creatives throughout their artistic journeys in the Fashion, Beauty, and Costuming industries of the PNW. Fashioning opportunities for all creatives through Inspiration, Representation, and Community.

Guest Announcement: Colleen Cosplay

Welcome our guest, Colleen Cosplay! Colleen Cosplay is a cosplayer and youtuber from the Pacific Northwest. Through her YouTube channel, she shares tutorials for how to make your own costumes including sewing, foam work, prop building, wig styling, and makeup. In addition, Colleen uses her YouTube platform to share her experiences as a cosplayer. Covering […]