Artist Alley

The Artist Alley is a space for artists and artisans to sell their wares. Artwork of any style or medium, as well as handmade crafts are welcome in Artist Alley. If it was made by you, you can probably sell it in AA.

Application Process

Arist alley applications are closed for 2024.

jury results will be completed by the end of April.

The KuroNekoCon Artist Alley is decided via Jury process. Applications opened January 15th and closed on February 13th at midnight. All applications submitted within this time period will be juried by panel, and the finalized acceptance and waitlists will be notified via email before the end of April. Each Artist Alley booth comes with two (2) accompanying convention memberships and badges.

Artist Qualifications

The Organizer, at its sole discretion, shall have the right to determine whether a prospective Artist is eligible to participate in the Convention.

  1. Primary artist must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Must comply with the 2024 Artist Alley Agreement.
  3. Must be able to legally sell in the state of Washington by the time of KuroNekoCon.
  4. Must not have previously accumulated three strikes at KuroNekoCon as an attendee or artist.

Application Materials to Have Ready

  1. Required: 2 page pdf with 8 samples of the type of work you plan to sell at KuroNekoCon. Please title the pdf BUSINESSNAME_KNC_2024.
  2. Optional but highly encouraged: portfolio link
  3. Optional: Booth layout description and/or photos of previous layouts.

PDF Requirements

An example PDF as well as a downloadable template can be found below in order to show you the level of professionalism and organization we are looking for. Feel free to to use our template or create your own custom template.

  • PDF’s should be titled “BUSINESSNAME_KNC_2024”.
  • PDF’s should be exactly 2 pages and contain exactly 8 samples of work.
  • 2D works: Each sample should only represent one two dimensional work.
  • 3D works: If detail shots or multiple angles are necessary to the representation of the work, please include these as a collage along with a full representation of the work as one sample image.
  • Small works: For small items such as charms or keychains, an assortment of items will be permitted in one sample image.

Jury Categories

A team of artists and KNC staff members will review each application. Jurors will do their best to select artists of a wide range of art styles, fandoms, and skill levels who will accurately reflect the interests of our attendees. Applications will be judged based on the following criteria:

  1. Fundamentals. Jurors look to see if your art meets the minimum technical skill for selling in a professional space. 
  2. Quality. Jurors will consider the overall quality of your work including color, composition/design, stylistic development, and mastery of chosen media.
  3. Professionalism/presentation. Your application should exhibit a level of professionalism and care that assures the jurors that you will bring quality content to KNC.
  4. Creativity/Originality: This category is not about fanart vs. original art, it is about having a unique style or presentation will help you catch the eye of potential customers. We want to give our artists the opportunity to market their own unique skill sets, while offering our attendees a balanced mix of different styles of digital and traditional print artists, craft artists, sculptors, and more.
  5. Appeal of Subject Matter: Jurors take into consideration the appeal of your subject matter to KNC’s fanbase. Including booth photos in your application will help us accurately gauge this category.

In pursuance of our mission statement of promoting and supporting involvement in community events related to the increase of cultural understanding and acceptance of diversity, we will allocate a percentage of tables to showcase local or up-and-coming talent.