April 2022 Community Update

Over the last three months, we have been discussing the future of KuroNekoCon and its parent organization, KNCA. Unfortunately during the last three years, a combination of changing life circumstances and mental health struggles has decimated our high quality yet smaller than average staff pool. Additionally, many things have changed within the Spokane area – decreased venue compatibility, increased safety requirements due to the pandemic, along with barebones staffing these changes have made it impossible to operate KNC as we have in the past. Therefore, some hard decisions must be made.

Do we continue to recruit, regroup, and try again next year? Do we re-evaluate what we want to accomplish, stand for, what events/experiences we want to create, and re-emerge as something new? Do we dissolve and pass on our resources to another organization/charity that we believe is doing good work in our community? Some combination of these? Or something else entirely? With just this short list, a multitude of conversations are already happening, but we’d appreciate feedback from you, the community, the audience our efforts would likely serve.

What do you all need and want? How can we better serve our community moving forward? In addition to your feedback and kindness, as stated above, we are in need of staff if we are to continue operations in any capacity.

Our upcoming meeting schedule is below. We are meeting online this Saturday, which means we will be using Zoom. Links to the Zoom call will (from now on) be posted on our social media one hour before the meeting starts. Please keep discussions civil, sincere, and timely. We will do our best to keep you informed during this process.

KNCA Meeting Schedule: Every other Saturday, check our calendar for details

Meeting Locations: Online Via Zoom (Links posted on social media 1hr before meetings start)

In-Person: Corbin Senior Activity Center, 827 W Cleveland Ave, Spokane, WA 99205, USA