KuroNekoConline: Contest Winners and Post Con Wrap Up!

Thank You

Thank you to every single person who came and enjoyed KuroNekoCon, making the event a huge success! Thank you for streaming with us, drawing and gaming with us, supporting our artists and and our charities, and everything else that the community came together for online this year. It’s been an honor and a joy to create this unique and different convention with you. But it’s not quite over yet – check out our winners and wrap up info below!

Art League Winners

Origonal Design Winner: Kyosuke D. — Cosplay Design Winner: Crystal H.

Art League Trainers

Cosplay Contest Winners

Judges Choice Adult: Alex as Junkrat, Judges Choice Youth: Faith M. as The Child,
Community Vote: SunflowersForTofu as Nurse Joy

Charity Drive

Thanks to all of the donations and bidding over the week of KuroNekoCon, we reached all but the very last Charity Drive goals! Now it’s time for the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the good nurtured humiliation of senior staff members, immortalized on the internet forever!

RAISED $100: Rebecca of Graphic Design Staff doing Japanese Tongue Twisters!

RAISED $200: Treasurer Em balancing things on their head while singing Angels Cruel Thesis!


Charity Raffle Winners

Lot 1: Shayz, Lot 2: Christia Conners, Lot 3: Christina Conners, Lot 4: Christina Conners, Lot 5: Cody

Scavenger Hunt

No individuals claimed prizing for completing the Novice or full Masters Level scavenger hunt this year.

Thank you for playing!

Stream Raffle Winners

J-Fashion Tsuki: Bread — J-Fashion Hoshi: usagianddarien moon

KuroNekoConline Merchandise

Several orders have been delayed due to production errors on an item offered for sale at KuroNekoConline, and affected orders have been contacted via email. All remaining orders are shipping within the next 7 days. All orders that were fulfilled already should have received a tracking number when their order was shipped.