KuroNeko Cultural Association presents KuroNekoCon: an anime, gaming, and Japanese culture convention based in Spokane, WA.

KuroNeko Cultural Association

KuroNeko Cultural Association is a nonprofit corporation based in Spokane Washington whose mission is to promote and support community involvement, acceptance of diversity, and understanding of Japanese culture through the use of both traditional and contemporary media.

Our largest annual event, KuroNekoCon, brings over 2300 people to the Spokane Convention Center in the heart of downtown Spokane each summer to take part in a three and a half day-long community event celebrating Japanese pop culture, individuality, diversity, and artistic and creative expression.


The KuroNeko Cultural Association is staffed by a group of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time towards the organization’s mission. All positions are unpaid volunteer positions, 100% of our budget is allotted towards our events and community support.

Community Involvement

The KuroNeko Cultural association is dedicated to fulfilling its mission year round, giving the inland northwest anime community a place to share their common interests and experiences both in person and online. In addition to KuroNekoCon, we host community events and charity fundraisers such as Tsuki’s Lunar Gala and our Bi-Monthly cosplay contests at the NorthTown Mall Comic Book Shop. We also show our support by participating in community events such as OutSpokane’s Pride Parade and Rainbow Festival, the Spokane Buddhist Temple’s Obon Festival and Perry Street Fair, and Coeur d’Alene’s Pride in the Park.



Donated $1000 to OutSpokane


Donated $250 to OutSpokane
Raised $445.02 for the Spokane Humane Society at KuroNekoCon’s Charity Auction.
Raised $442 for Spokanimal at Tsuki’s Lunar Gala.
Raised $100 for Odessey Youth Group at Spokane’s Pride Festival.


Raised $656.69 for Shriner’s Children’s Hospital at KuroNekoCon’s Charity Auction.


In 2009 the convention was created by members of the Spokane Community College Gaming Club as a one-time two day event called Otaku Con that primarily focused on anime and video games. A unexpected 300+ people flocked to the event, cementing Spokane’s need for a venue for Japanese pop culture enthusiasts to express themselves.

Shortly after, a group community members gathered to organize a second “Otaku Con,” with more emphasis on traditional Japanese culture, arts, and education.

After a successful second year at Spokane Falls Community College due to support from a local nonprofit organization called Japan Week Spokane, a group of volunteers decided to pursue the idea of creating a yearly convention.

In 2011 the event was re-branded as KuroNekoCon (“Black Cat Con”), named after our iconic black cat Mascot, in turn our mascot in was named Tsuki. An official volunteer committee called the KuroNeko Cultural Association was created to organize and operate the event so that a wider breadth of organized content could be offered to attendees.

In 2013, KuroNekoCon moved to the Spokane Convention Center, cementing itself as a major staple summer event in downtown Spokane. After two years at the convention center, the event had more than doubled in size.

In 2016, the convention again restructured and registered as the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization KuroNeko Cultural Association, led by a Board of Directors of eight elected individuals. This shift in focus gave KNCA the structure and resources to expand into helping the community even more. Two more board members were added in subsequent years, Japanese Culture and Outreach, to continue and expand our involvement in Spokane’s rich culture and history.

This support grew to include a strong recurring sponsorship with OutSpokane and visible support at other local pride events, where KNCA’s secondary mascot Hoshi was introduced in 2018. Hoshi was officially added to KuroNekoCon’s roster as a face for the convention in 2019.

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