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About KNC

KuroNekoCon is an anime, gaming, and Japanese culture convention based in Spokane, WA. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation KuroNeko Cultural Association seeks to promote the understanding of Japanese and other Asian cultures through the use of traditional and contemporary media, with particular attention to popular entertainment media such as animation, comics, games and their related subcultures.

We are staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers who desire to see other people experience the same joy that we found in anime, manga, and video games. No one on our staff gets paid for their time, meaning all of our funds go directly into the budget for the next year's activities and events. At the convention, we strive to maintain a fun and family-friendly atmosphere that people of all ages can enjoy.

2017 was our ninth year and our fifth year at the Spokane Convention Center, located in the heart of downtown Spokane near Riverfront Park. We're excited to host our 10th anniversary convention in 2018.

Contact Us

You can contact KuroNeko Cultural Association at info@KuroNekoCon.com.

Community Involvement

Throughout the year we try our best to stay involved in our community. We host events such as our Otaku Prom, Whose Line is it Anime? Improv Shows, and Cosplay Fashion Show. Each of these events helps us raise awareness for our convention so that we can continue to offer our attendees more and more each year. We also host free events throughout the year such as the Manga Social and Bi-Monthly Cosplay Contests in conjunction with the Spokane Comic Book Shop. These events are to help spread the word about our convention and to encourage our fans to meet up and share in the interests that bring us all together.

In recent years we have been marching in the annual Gay Pride Parade hosted by OutSpokane, participating in the Spokane Obon Festival and Perry Street Fair, and volunteering at the Second Harvest Food Bank to help feed families in need throughout the Northwest.

Joining Staff

You can join us in making an impact on our community by becoming a member of our staff. For meeting locations and times check out our Monthly Meeting Schedule posted to our Home Page.

Here's what you need to join staff:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or be accompanied by a family member or legal guardian
  • Attend any three meetings
  • Read and agree to our policies and codes of conduct
  • Be voted in by a majority vote of the current members present at a meeting

If you have any questions feel free to send an email to info@KuroNekoCon.com. We hope to see you there!

Attendance History

Year Attendees Exhibitors
and Artists
Guests Volunteers and
Assistant Staff
Staff Total Attendance
2009 1 300 --- 3 --- 4 300+
2010 2 500+ --- 8 --- 15 500+
2011 2 600+ --- 8 --- 15 600+
2012 2 600+ --- 12 --- --- 600+
2013 3 850 39 booths 10 --- 25 900+
2014 3 1300 41 booths 23 55 32 1451
2015 3 1640 42 booths 48 36 33 1789
2016 3 2085 58 booths 36 64 43 2394
2017 3 2400 61 booths 66 2609
1 Spokane Community College | 2 Spokane Falls Community College | 3 Spokane Convention Center


If you have questions that have not been answered here please send them to info@KuroNekoCon.com

What is an anime convention?
An anime convention is a gathering of people who are interested in Japanese animation and a broader understanding of Japanese media and culture. These gatherings usually take place at large venues such as a convention center, hotel, or a college. There are common events such as contests, dances, and concerts; panels which are excellent for learning about many aspects of anime and Japanese Culture; an exhibitor's hall where you can find anime-related merchandise from both the United States and Japan; RPG (Role Playing Games), Console and PC LAN gaming rooms; and anime theaters which show anime for the duration of the con. You can also see people dressed in costumes of their favorite anime characters. An anime convention is a memorable and sometimes life-changing experience.
What is KuroNekoCon?
KuroNekoCon is a convention in Spokane, WA based around anime, Japanese culture and gaming. It started in 2009 as OtakuCon, and became KuroNekoCon in 2011. For more information.
What is the three-strike policy?
KuroNekoCon’s three strike policy is how we moderate inappropriate behavior and disorderly conduct. We do our best to maintain a safe and friendly environment at our convention and sometimes this means delivering warnings to some of our attendees. Three strikes on your badge could mean nonrefundable ejection from the convention as well as some other more serious penalties. For more information please visit our Policies page.
What is peace bonding and why do I have to do it?
Peace bonding is the process of having a prop or item that may potentially be used as a weapon examined by a member of staff and flagged, usually with a colored ribbon or tie. This tie is a physical contract stating that you understand never to brandish or use this item as a weapon in the convention space and are solely liable for any consequences from breaking this contract. If you are unsure if your item or prop needs to be peace bonded, please visit the peace bonding table to have it examined.
Why don’t you allow outside food inside the Convention Center?
This is a policy of the Spokane Convention Center. As renters of their venue KuroNekoCon and its attendees must follow this rule.
Why don’t you offer any Japanese food or snacks?
The Spokane Convention Center has an exclusive contract with their food vendor. Because of this, we are unable to offer any outside food or drink. If you have suggestions for food and beverages you'd like to see the convention center offer, send us an email at info@KuroNekoCon.com.
How can I help?
You can help us in many ways, the easiest is signing up to be a volunteer for our convention. You can volunteer for general positions inside of the convention, or you can choose something more specific like Registration, Gaming, Children's Activities and more. Click here to apply!
How can I become a member of KuroNekoCon's staff?
To become a staff member of KuroNekoCon you need to attend three meetings, read and support our policies and codes of conduct, and be voted in by a majority vote of the members present at a meeting. If you have any questions feel free to send an email to our general email at info@KuroNekoCon.com. For meeting locations and times check out our Monthly Meeting Schedule on our homepage.
Who is the face behind Otaku Cat?
The face behind "Otaku Cat" is actually a black cat from Spokane, WA named Tsuki. She is 5 years old, and often takes cat naps. Between these cat naps, you may be lucky enough to find her browsing Facebook. Her other hobbies include: playing with yarn, watching anime, crawling under blankets, laying down on manga, and catnip. You can find her on Tumblr, Twitter, and even Facebook!