Spokane's Premier anime convention

Spokane's three day celebration of anime, video games, and culture is back!

At the Spokane Convention Center

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Exhibitor Hall

The Exhibitor Hall is the main area where merchandise will be sold at KNC. It is also a space for businesses, companies and organizations related to Japanese, anime, or gaming culture to advertise their products, services or aims. 

Artist Alley

The Artist Alley is a space for artists and artisans to sell their wares. Artwork of any style or medium, as well as handmade crafts are welcome in Artist Alley. If it was made by you, you can probably sell it in AA.


Industry booths are Spaces we reserve for members of the anime, manga, and gaming industries, as well as club, convention, local cultural, and educational organizers.  We wish to include all of these to support the communities we so love and enjoy.

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Venue policy reminder

Hello KNC! We know that the convention is this weekend so we wanted to bring some important reminders due to the venue change this year.

Guest Announcement: Starshine Maid Cafe

Another friend joins the fray! A message from Starshine: Hello Daydreamers and Stargazers!

Reminder of hours of operation

As the convention quickly approaches here is a reminder of the hours of some of our services, including registration, peace bonding, and general convention schedule.

Cosplay Contest Walk-On Parade

Missed the competition? Sign up for our Cosplay Walk-On Parade. It's an event where anyone is welcome to walk the stage without the pressure of a contest. Show off your costume and enjoy the spotlight stress free! Will be hosted during the end of the Cosplay Contest. Sign-Ups outside of Main Events starting Friday!

Guest Announcement: Buhurt

Buhurt: Seattle Vagabonds, Bellingham Barbarians, & The Idaho Armored Combat Team the Rat Pack Buhurt is an international armored combat sport where fighters engage in full contact combat wearing and bearing historically accurate arms and armor, with some modernization for safety and sport optimization.

Guest Announcement: Inland Northwest Amtgard

Amtgard is a Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) and boffer combat society focused on the Sword & Sorcery, Medieval and Ancient genres. Amtgard uses safe, foam-padded replicas of Medieval weaponry to bring to life the tabletop or video game experience many are familiar with

thank you to our 2024 sponsors

Uncles Games

Formed in 1999 in Spokane, Washington. We are your one stop shop for Board Games, Puzzles, and Trading Cards.

The Comic Book Shop

Spokane's premeir comic shop has an enormous selection of products & hosts events such as cosplay contests, trading card tournaments, and so much more!

Lilac City Comicon

Your Friendly Neighborhood Pop Culture Show Since 2007!

Tea's Company

A pop-up stand, a store at River Park Square, and even boba to-go boxes for catering! Offering traditional milk teas brewed from loose leaf, milk drinks and tea lemonades with delicious extras like boba and jellies.


Lunarium is your late night tea shop and home away from home featuring luxury teas, in-house craft sodas, slow brew coffee, toasts and sandwiches, and scratch-made treats. Come visit us to work on your writing, craft or art project, homework, or just to chill after the sun sets!