Artist Alley Rules

KuroNekoCon (referred to below as KNC)’s main area where merchandise is sold will be the Exhibitor Hall and Artist Alley. Anyone who receives payment for goods in the convention space must comply with the convention's rules regarding this. Any solicitation at the convention, whether verbal or use of signage for monetary payment or exchange of services that does not comply with these restrictions, is prohibited. Any solicitation or selling outside of the convention area requires a 'street vendor license' from the City of Spokane.


All artists, secondary artists, and assistants are expected to follow any and all rules and regulations set forth by the KuroNeko Cultural Association (referred to below as KNCA) and the Spokane Convention Center, including but not limited to, those set forth in the Artist Alley Agreement, Attendee Code of Conduct, KuroNekoCon’s Three Strike Policy, and the Spokane Convention Center rules. Should you fail to comply with any and all rules and regulations, corrective action may be taken (up to and including removal from the convention grounds without refund). KNCA reserves the right to alter these rules, in whole or in part, at any point in time.


You can read the Spokane Convention Center's rules here:


The Attendee Code of Conduct can be found here:


KuroNeko Con’s Three Strike Policy: here



You agree to take full responsibility for any assistants and/or secondary artists that will be sharing your assigned space. This includes, but is not limited to, any physical or monetary damages the assistant may cause.


Determination of table location is on a first come, first serve basis. All locations are subject to change as required by Washington State fire and building codes. KNCA reserves the right to change table placement in the Artist Alley as required per all fire and building codes.


KNCA, our current venue, or any staff or affiliates are not responsible for any actions of artists within the convention. KNCA will not be held liable for any injury, loss of equipment, merchandise, revenue, or any other direct, or indirect damages caused. The convention and our venue will provide the best security possible, however, exhibitors are responsible for their own property, personal vehicles, and displays. Also, KNCA will not be held responsible for any liability involving, but not limited to, any legal issues that may arise from the sale of your wares. You are responsible for any legal ramifications that may come of your selling wares (including, but not limited to taxes, copyrights, etc).


All artists are required to have a valid UBI (Universal Business Identification) number. It is the number used to submit sales tax to the state after the convention. In order to sell in the state of Washington, you must charge and pay taxes to the state. In order to do this, you must get a Washington State Tax Identification number. There are two ways to go about this.


  • If you sell at 3 or more conventions in Washington a year, or otherwise conduct business in the state, you must apply for a Washington State Master Business License. (
  • If you sell at fewer than 3 conventions in the state of Washington, you can apply for a temporary tax identification number. (here)


Artists are responsible for the setup and teardown of their allotted space, as well as keeping their space clean both during and after the event. Artists are required to stay with or have a registered assistant at their booth during Artist Alley hours.


Any artwork or wares at your table must be yours to sell, or you must have been granted express permission to sell them (in the case of secondary artists or assistants). You may not sell any items that violate copyright or trademarks. This includes official logos, alterations or reproductions of official artwork, and bootlegs, as well as items that infringe on the work of independent artists. There is currently no restriction on the ratio of original to fanart for artists at KNC.


KNCA is a family friendly event. Adult material is allowed, so long as it is clearly marked, covered, and supervised at all times. Adult material will not be sold to minors under the age of 18. Artists are responsible for checking that customers are indeed legally able to purchase said material. Adult material is defined as anything sexually explicit, portraying sexual acts both heterosexual and homosexual, and nudity. Failure to properly cover adult material or check IDs will result in removal of the adult material from the convention.


Certain merchandise is not allowed in the Artist Alley. KNCA reserves the right to change what merchandise may be sold at our discretion. Examples of merchandise not allowed in the Artist Alley are: food and drinks, store bought or wholesale merchandise, flammable items (including chemicals and candles), bath and body products (including but not limited to lotions, soaps, body oils, and perfumes), and airbrushes.


Once your completed Artist Alley Application has been submitted and approved, and KNCA has retrieved your payment, you will be considered an Artist with KNC 2014. Your name(s) and website information may appear on KNC’s website ( as well as in our informational booklet, which will be handed out at KNC. KNCA reserves the right to refuse the sale of Artist Alley space to anyone for any reason.


If an Artist must cancel their contract for any reason, they will be entitled to a full refund if KNC is notified 2 months before the convention. However, if they must back out within 2 months of the convention they forfeit this refund offer. In the case of a medical emergency, or other unforeseen circumstance, please contact the Exhibitor Coordinator as soon as possible. Accommodations will be made on a case by case basis. If you are absent from the convention grounds and your table is not set up by 12:00 pm with no prior warning, your designated space may be given away for any reason KNCA sees fit.


Should any part of this contract be found to be unenforceable, in whole or in part, the remaining obligations shall continue to be applicable.


By agreeing to this contract you, the Artist(s), are agreeing to the rules and requirements stated above. Also, you agree that you have read and understand to any all all rules set forth to be an artist at KNC 2014, including KNC’s Attendee Code of Conduct and Three Strike Policy. You agree to provide and sell your merchandise during the days of Saturday August 2, and Sunday August 3, 2014 at KNC in Spokane, WA. You agree to take full responsibility for your business with any legal ramifications that may occur. By agreeing you have also indicated that you are at least 18 years of age or have express permission of your parent/guardian. You understand that if you fail to comply with any and all rules and requirements stated above, KNCA reserves the right to take corrective action, leading up to removal without refund and barring from reentering the convention space.


Offences of any and all rules and requirements, both minor and major, will result in your company being placed on a "Watch List" that future staff will refer to when reviewing future applications for KNC.

Hours of Operation

KNC 2014 Hours of Operation:

10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Saturday and Sunday

Registration and Pre Registration Hours: 

12:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Friday

9:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday