2015 Schedule of Events

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Saturday August 1st (Part 1):


Saturday August 1st (Part 2):


Saturday August 1st (Part 3):


Sunday August 2nd (Part 1):


Sunday August 2nd (Part 2):


Sunday August 2nd (Part 3):


Main Events at KNC

Opening Ceremonies: Join us as we start off KNC with a bang!

Closing Ceremonies: Help us send away another great KNC the best way we know how. Be the first to learn what we are planning for next year and congratulate all the talented people who participated in our contests.

Gaming: Console, retro, tabletop, board, and card gaming available all day.

Sword Fighting Tournament: A double elimination style tournament fought with safe, foam-padded swords. 2014 prizes donated by Calimacil.

Sword Fighting Open Play: Fight your friends for free with our safe, foam padded swords!

Cosplay Contest: The cosplay contest is where contestants go to show off their favorite costumes. The contest is based upon stage presence, craftsmanship, and overall look. Walk on participation is also available!

Skit Contest : Enjoy the skits contestants have worked long and hard on! Skits can range anywhere from a dance, to a song, to a set of dialog between characters or a short story. Judging is based on performance alone.

Manga Library: The Cat's Eye Cafe: In the Manga Library you can read manga, take a rest from the convention jumble, and experience a bit of Japanese culture.

Cosplay Chess: A game of human chess acted out by cosplayers with vigorous courage and skill!

Karaoke: Sing your heart out!

Children's Festival: Honoring the tradition of Tango no Sekku, a Japanese children's festival celebrates children's personalities and happiness, kids will be able to enjoy fun Japanese children's games, crafts, and stories.

J-Fashion Show: The J-Fashion show will showcase a variety of different Japanese fashion types such as Sweet Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Visual Kei, and Decora among many others! The models will walk on stage within their category, and afterwards, those who are willing to answer questions will take part in a Q&A up on stage.

Masquerade: The dance of grace, dignity, and mystery. Masks are required. Need a quick mask? Attend the mask making workshop at the convention! Masks also available for sale at the event.

Neon Nyan Dance party: Dance the night away to some of  the Inland Northwest’s best DJ’s. Glowsticks sold at the door.

AMV Contest Viewing: Check out the Anime Music Video's our contestants have labored over!

Host Club Character Cafe: Join the boys from Ouran High School Host club for a lovely afternoon of entertainment and shenanigans.

Dating Game: Meet exciting new strangers behind the curtains. Are they a Country, Alien, Human, or something else completely? All you have to do is ask.

Manliness Panel: It’s time for a lesson in all things manly, from your hosts the time traveling duo responsible for shaping the course of manlyness. Join us once again as we pass our knowledge on to you, the only question is if your minds can handle the workout.

Manliness Gameshow (18+): Come test your wits, knowledge, and very manliness in a contest as off the wall as they come.It’s like fighting in the coliseum as the crowd cheers and your enemies fall beside you but with white boards and and less rules.

Trivia Gameshow: Test your knowledge of all things anime and compete for fabulous prizes! 

Guest Panels

Spokane Obon Festival Dancers: The colorful yukata (summer kimono) and happi coat clad Obon Festival Dancers bring you BonOdori, or Bon Dancing.

Suzaku Taiko Performance: Enjoy Suzaku Taiko's dynamic drumming performance.

Cosplay 101 With Ryan Wells: Have you ever thought of cosplaying before? Just started? Or been going awhile and have something to contribute? Meet cosplayer Ryan Wells in an open forum of discussion about how he started and where to go from there. We'll also be discussing the basics of cosplay craftsmanship including tools and materials.

Next Level Cosplay With Ryan Wells: Hang out with cosplayer Ryan Wells as he teaches you his methods with the tools and techniques to making that 'over the top' cosplay and the tricks on how to do it all without scary supplies or a huge workshop.

Q&A with The Slants: War wounds and road trips: An open, candid question and answer session where band members can talk about upcoming projects, tell tour stories, and answer questions about The Slants.

What the Pho? With the Slants: A foodie's guide to Asian eating Food fans unite! The Slants help you discover new types of Asian cuisine, how to find quality eateries, and answer questions about the dishes you’ve always been afraid to try yourself.

Micah Off Mic: Come hear Micah wax eloquent about his life outside the booth, including (but not limited to) his love of drawing, cooking, Rurouni Kenshin, and his ever-growing Transformers collection. He will not be waxing his legs, though…

Soul 2 Soul - Micah Solusod Q&A: Come by and chat with Micah about what it's like working in the 2D world. From voice acting to freelance artwork, Micah will take all of your questions and maybe even answer some.

Directing with Eric Stuart: A Talk about Directing: Eric has had a career doing many things in the entertainment industry and one of them is directing come and hear him talk about his experiences directing over the years.

Voice Acting With Eric Stuart: The Voice of Brock, James, and Kaiba sits down with you to talk about voice acting what it's like behind the mic and maybe even share some stories of what it was like recording for some of our favorite classic anime.

Acting 101 with Carrie Savage: Are you interested in acting? Or do you want to hear about what goes on behind the mic and stage? This is the panel for you.

Around the World: Hosted by Carrie Savage come and hear about her travels around the world as she talks about the places she's been, stoies about her trips, and culter shock she's experienced in these places.

Carrie Savage Q&A: Have a question for Carrie about the shows she's worked on? Want to hear fun stories from behind the mic of the anime you love? Come on in and talk with Carrie.

Epona Equestrian Team: Live combat demonstrations and informative discussions focusing mainly on medieval swordsmanship.

Amtgard: Duchy of Stormhaven: Live combat demonstrations and informative discussions showcasing Amtgard and its many styles of combat.

Fan Panels

Speed Dating (18+) – Ashleigh Combs: Come and, possibly, find your special otaku someone on Saturday. Hetero/Bi/Pan @ 7:30. Gay/Bi/Pan @ 9:00

Anime Culture and Why We Watch It – Travis: Examining the tropes, culture, and industry surrounding anime, that make it what it is.

Anime and Manga Ethics: The Law and Crossing the Border – Michael Ott: Learn and discuss what anime and manga can get you arrested as well as hear what not to do when traveling to conventions outside the U.S. from someone who got detained at the U.S. Canada border.

The Art of ShironuriKori_ography: Shironuri is a growing makeup trend with an interesting backstory and many different styles that will be discussed during the panel.

Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls – Kaida: Interested in ball-jointed dolls? Come see some in person and learn about some of the basics of these gorgeous customizable dolls!

Ask the Mekakushi Dan Part 1 and 2 – Takane: Ask your favorite characters from Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project your questions!

Attack on OTP – Marc Brunco: Whether you ship Eren/Levi or Sasha/Potato, this is the panel for you.

Cosplay Improv Brawl – Michael Ott: Come watch Anime improve players compete for prizes.

Cosplay Improv Brawl (18+) – Michael Ott:  Come watch Anime improve players compete for prizes.

Elfen Lied 101(18+) –  Marc Brunco: This is not your parent's anime, celebrating the tenth anniversary of Elfen Lied with a discussion about the gripping anime.

Fan Dating Game - Karuta: The game to see what character you’re compatible with.

Fandom Fued – Sam: Watch your favorite anime characters work either with or against each other in order to complete simple tasks.

Fashionably Frilled: A Lolita Fashion Panel – Inland Northwest Lolitas: A ruffle-filled panel covering everything you'd like to know about lolita fashion! An experienced and diverse panel of local lolitas will give you the run-down on all the basics of the fashion. Stop by for fun and door-prizes!

Food in Anime and Video Games – Ritsuna: Come learn about food that shows up in everything from the slice of life anime to the Scifi video game as well as games where food is the focus, from growing to cooking and on to fighting with.

Hetalia Q&A – Prussia: A Q&A with the nations of Hetalia!

Homestuck Q&A –  Janey: Ask your favorite homestuck characters questions!

How to be a Voice Actor Online – John Go: If you've ever wanted to become a voice actor, then come join us as we discuss our experience voice acting for projects online and share with you information on how you can get started!

Introduction to Cosplay Sewing – Kaida: Want to start sewing costumes for yourself? Come learn some of the basics to getting started and have your questions answered!

Iron Cosplayer – Libra: Back for its second year by popular demand is Iron Cosplayer!! Teams selected from the audience will compete with dollar store items to make amazing cosplay! And yes, there are prizes for those who participate!

J-Rock Videos – Uruha: Learn the various J-Rock videos that are performed by the artists that sing many anime opening and ending songs that we all know and love.

Larping 101 – Thrundor: Have you heard of Live Action Role Playing? Would You Like to Know More? Come Learn More From Thrundor the Dwarf.

Match Game – Allyson Harrison: Based on the 70's hit game show, contestants will try to match the stars of this anime themed game show. This fill in the blank game will surely leave you wondering what the stars will answer. Prepare for fun, anime references, and laughs.

Name that Video Game Tune – Emma: Do you like retro games? Guessing? Contests? Then you'll love this! Guess that video game tune! Retro or new, tunes for all gamers!

Other Things Anime Fans Like – Michael Ott: Talk about the things anime fans like that are not anime.

Princess Jellyfish Mystery: Private Eye Clara is on the case! –  Queenie: There's a Mystery afoot; Kuranosuke is distracted, Tsukimi is worried, and Private Eye Jellyfish Clara needs your help to get to the bottom of this conundrum!

Soul Eater Fan Panel – Crona: Come join a fun panel where you can ask your favorite Soul Eater characters questions about themselves and others, along with life in Death City. Be warned there will be SPOILERS for Soul Eater anime and manga.

Truth or Dare with Shizuo and Izaya – Wummpers: Truth or Dare with Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara!

Um Actually: Anime and Video Game Edition – Ritsuna: Think you know your anime and video game trivia, come prove it and win prizes.

Visual Kei 101 – Kori_ography: A quick history and fashion lesson in Japan's most famous fashion trend, visual kei.

Current Government Issued Photo ID required for all 18+ Panels and Events.