These are the various events available at KuroNekoCon hosted by our staff or attendees.

Schedule of Events



Main Events

Opening Ceremonies: Join us as we start off KNC 2014 with a bang!

Closing Ceremonies: Help us send away another great KNC the best way we know how. Be the first to learn what we are planning for next year and congratulate all the talented people who participated in our contests.

Gaming: Console, retro, PC, tabletop, and card gaming available all day. See tournament listings on gaming tab.

Sword Fighting TournamentA double elimination style tournament fought with safe, foam-padded weapons. 1st and 2nd place prizes donated by Calimacil. $2 entry fee.

Cosplay Contest: The cosplay contest is where contestants go to show off their favorite costumes. The contest is based upon stage presence, craftsmanship, and overall look. Walk on participation is also available!

Skit Contest Enjoy the skits contestants have worked long and hard on! Skits can range anywhere from a dance, to a song, to a set of dialogue between characters or a short story. Judging is based on performance alone.

Maid CaféIn the Maid Café, you can play games. meet new people, take a rest from the convention jumble, and experience a bit of Japanese culture.

Cosplay ChessA game of human chess acted out by cosplayers with vigorous courage and skill!

Karaoke: Sing your heart out!

Children's Festival: Honoring the tradition of Tango no Sekku, a Japanese children's festival celebrates children's personalities and happiness, kids will be able to enjoy fun Japanese children's games, crafts, and stories.

Masquerade: The dance of grace, dignity, and mystery. Masks are required. Need a quick mask? attend the mask making workshop at the convention!

Neon Nyan Dance party: Dance the night away to some of  the Inland Northwest’s best DJ’s. Glowsticks sold at the door.

Photo Booth: CosplayPNW will be hosting the official photo booth at KNC 2014.


Guest Run Panels


Come see Josh Grelle, Natalie Hoover, and David Vincent talk about what it’s like to be a voice actor in some of today’s most popular anime!



Come listen to Natalie Hoover, the voice of Sonia Nevermind, talk about her experiences working on DANGANRONPA.


Voice Acting Information Panel

Natalie Hoover talks about what it’s like being a voice actor and what such a job entails.


Shingeki No Kyoujin Panel

Come listen to Josh Grelle, the voice of Armin, talk about his experiences working on Shingeki No Kyojin, also known as Attack on Titan.


Kill La Kill Panel

Come listen to David Vincent, the voice of Senketsu, talk about his experiences working on Kill la Kill.


David Vincent’s Mock Voice Acting Tryouts:

Join us for this interactive panel where David Vincent will ask audience members to help him act out a scene.


Yurei: The Japanese Ghost

Zack Davisson discusses his book, Yurei: The Japanese Ghost.


A Brief History of Yokai

Zack Davisson gives a brief history of Yokai.


Yokai and War! The World of Shigeru Mizuki

As a translator for Shigeru Mizuki’s manga, Zack Davisson has a unique perspective on this exciting world.


Suzaku Taiko

Enjoy Suzaku Taiko’s dynamic drumming performance.


Spokane Obon Festival Dancers

The colorful yukata (summer kimono) and happi coat clad Obon Festival Dancers bring you BonOdori, or Bon Dancing.


Fan Run Panels

Match Game
Based on the 70's hit game show, contestants will try to match cosplay celebrities in hopes of winning the round. All of it will be family friendly. Fill in the blank sentences are used for the game.
Ask a Homestuck
Dennis and Lindsay
A basic Q&A panel: See your favorite characters and ask them dumb questions basically.
This is one of those for the fans, by the fans panels, that anyone is welcomed to.
J-Rock Videos
A presentation of Japanese Bands that have done either anime opening songs or ending songs, along with various other bands.
The Anime Family Feud
Think you know anime? Walk through the doors and you could be chosen to be on our Anime Family Feud! Prizes and tons of fun. Will you be a villain or a hero?
You Should Be Watching: A guide to some great anime
Looking for another anime to watch? Tired of the same old, same old? This fun and peer reviewed panel will give you some fresh ideas on anime or change your prospective on the ones you've already seen.
Cosplay Props
Monkey D Luffyko & Travis
So many cosplayers want to make their own props but don't know where to go or how to complete their props. Well, take it from the two of us who actually make props. We'll explain pros and cons to materials used, including cost efficient suggestions and durable alternatives; a list of places local and online to get supplies; make a few suggestion for certain props; provide examples of works, and give a general How-to on props we've made.
Hetalia: Ask A Nation
Come ask your favorite countries questions!
Convention Dos and Don’ts
"Come, one and all, new and old con-goers. Listen, contribute, and learn about appropriate behavior for any Convention!"
Ball Jointed Dolls 101
This panel is an introduction and overview of Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. Come see some of these dolls first hand, and have your questions answered!
Nepeta's Shipping Wall
A bunch of shenanigans involving the wonderful world of shipping and how to make a shipping wall.
Iron Cosplayer
Libra and Tokudoku
Contestants selected from the audience will have 10 minutes to create a cosplay using materials obtained from the local dollar store including paper bags, tissue paper, and streamers. There will be three rounds each with a new teams of competitors.
Whose Line is it Anime?
Welcome to Whose Line is it Anime, where the games are sugoi, and the points are tsundere. Hosted by Fluffy Bunny Improv, together since 2011! Join our Cosplay clad FBI to play your favorite improv games and laugh with us as we act out your suggestions.

Current Government Issued Photo ID required for all 18+ Panels and Events.

Hours of Operation

KNC 2014 Hours of Operation:

10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Saturday and Sunday

Registration and Pre Registration Hours: 

12:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Friday

9:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday