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Q - What is an anime convention?

A- An anime convention is a multi day gathering of people who are interested in Japanese animation and a broader understanding of Japanese media and culture. These gatherings usually take place at large venues such as a convention center, hotel, or a college.

There are usually panels which are excellent for learning about many aspects of anime and Japanese Culture; events such as the dance, karaoke and cosplay/masquerade; the Exhibitor's Hall where you can find anime-related merchandise from both the United States and Japan; the RPG (Role Playing Games), Console and PC LAN gaming rooms; numerous anime theaters which show anime for the duration of the con.

You can also see the numerous costumes of attendees and make new friends. An anime convention can be a life changing experience to some people.


Q - What is KuroNekoCon?

A - KuroNekoCon is a convention in Spokane, WA based around Anime, Japanese Culture and Gaming. It started in 2009 as OtakuCon, and in 2011, became KuroNekoCon. See: History.


Q- What are your policies concerning minors?

A- Any minor attending KuroNekoCon needs to have an attending adult with a badge on the premises of KuroNekoCon's venue. This is to ensure the safety of the minors attending our event. A minor is defined as an individual under the age of 18, and an adult is an individual who is 18 years or older.


Q - What is peacebonding and why do I have to do it?

A - Peacebonding is the process of having a prop or item that may potentially be used as a weapon examined by a member of staff and flagged, usually with a colored ribbon or tie. This tie is a physical contract stating that you understand never to brandish or use this item as a weapon in the convention space and are solely liable for any consequences from breaking said contract. If you are unsure if your item or prop needs to be peacebonded, please visit the peace bonding station to have it examined. For more information on peacebonding before coming to the convention check out the Peacebonding section.


Q- What exactly is a Maid Café?

A- Maid Cafés are a subcategory of cosplay restaurants found predominantly in Japan. They first appeared in the Akihabara area of Tokyo and became popular around the turn of the century. Unlike your typical Western restaurant, Maid Cafés are staffed by highly attentive workers of a novelty Cafés that provided extra care to individuals that they serve. For example, staff sometimes kneel on the ground to mix sugar or milk in teas or other drinks. As the name suggests, Maid Café workers typically dress in maid outfits or other forms of cosplay.

The purpose of the Maid Cafés and their service is to make customers feel at home and relaxed. Although exemplary customer service is typical of Japan, maid cafes take special care to pamper their patrons. You can learn more about our Maid Café here.


Q - What is Cosplay Chess?

A - Cosplay Chess is a life size game of chess in which two teams, with 16 members each, take on the roles of chess pieces and reenact a game of chess while in their Cosplay. When one piece captures another, all of the other pieces clear the board while the two pieces "fight." When the fight is over, the other pieces take their positions on the board, and the game continues as a normal game of chess does. Typically, the game is choreographed as are the "battles."



Q - How can I help?

A - You can help us in many ways, the easiest is signing up to be a volunteer for our convention. We have sign ups available on the website. You can volunteer for general positions inside of the convention, or you can choose something more specific, like the Maid Cafe, Photographer or Security. You can simply fill out a form found under the application tab, and we'll take it from there! 


Q- How can I become a member of KuroNekoCon's staff?

A- To become a staff member of KuroNekoCon you will need to attend three consecutive general meetings as well as fill out a Volunteer Application. During the third meeting current staff will vote on your admittance onto KuroNekoCon staff. For updates on meeting times and locations follow our facebook here.


Q- How do I get a Vendor or Artist table?

A- You only need to fill out a sign up form and make your purchase. The forms are on the website under the application tab.


Q- How do I get my Pre-Registration badge the day of KuroNekoCon?

A- To get your badge, locate the Pre-Registration area upon arriving at the convention. There you will need to present a valid ID to obtain your badge. If you are a minor you will need the adult who is attending the convention with you present.


Q- What is the three-strike policy?

A- KuroNekoCons three strike policy is how we moderate inappropriate behavior and disorderly conduct. We do out best to maintain a safe and friendly environment at our convention and sometimes this means delivering warnings to some of our attendees. Three strikes on your badge could mean nonrefundable ejection from the convention as well as some other more serious penalties. For more information please visit our Three-Strike Policy page.



Q - Who is the face behind Otaku Cat?

A - The face behind "Otaku Cat" is actually a black cat from Spokane, WA named Tsuki. She is 5 years old, and often takes cat naps. Between these cat naps, you may be lucky enough to find her browsing Facebook. Her other hobbies include: playing with yarn, watching anime, crawling under blankets, laying down on manga, and catnip. You can find her on Tumblr, Twitter, and even Facebook!



Q - Why did the registration price go up?

A - With our convention growing as much as it has, we made the decision to raise our registration price to help cover all of our expenses. In 2013, we moved to the Spokane Convention Center, making our expenses more than ever before. To make sure that KuroNekoCon can keep coming back every year, and so that we can make it better than ever, our price has risen to accommodate that.

Hours of Operation

KNC 2014 Hours of Operation:

10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Saturday and Sunday

Registration and Pre Registration Hours: 

12:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Friday

9:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday