History of KuroNekoCon


KuroNekoCon began humbly back in 2009. During March of that year, Michelle Ropp had the idea to start an anime convention in Spokane, and to help she recruited Matt Mayer, then the president of the Spokane Community College Gaming Club. Within weeks, arrangements had been made to use Spokane Community College as the location for the convention’s first year. Back then, it was known as Otaku Con.
After a lot of hard work on the part of the four person committee, the con was held on a Monday and Tuesday at the beginning of August, towards the end of summer break. Amazingly, 350 people managed to show up and make the first year a screaming success, in spite of the lack of actual programming present at the convention. This paved the way for 2010.


Having gathered many new committee members, we surged onward, cutting our Gaming Club ties to become our own independent entity, capable of delivering even more entertainment. Early in 2010 we established a partnership with Japan Week Spokane that expanded our reach to a broader audience. We've adapted the Fashion Show and Dance Party to run and have had great success in these areas. 2010 opened its doors to a host of fan run panels as well as a variety of events like Cosplay Chess and the ever-popular maid café. Our attendance jumped to 500 that year. Coincidentally, this was the year that we decided to change our name for legal reasons.


2011 was a huge success as we developed stronger organization and boosted the variety in our programming and our name had changed to KuroNekoCon. It saw the return of the ever popular Improv Panel and introduced the smash hit Ouran High School Host Club Café. It also hosted the premier of Nerf Sword Fighting and witnessed the battle between Garza Man and the Ebon Cowl that put the villain behind bars.


As KuroNekoCon continues the staff grows bit by bit making it easier to bring in new ideas and events. 2012 brought us a Laser Quest All-Nighter, Otaku Prom, an anime viewing/DDR Tournament event at Game World, Cosplay Contests at The Comic Book Shop, and Whose Line is it Anime with the group FBI (Fluffy Bunny Improvu). KuroNekoCon continues its work with Japan Week Spokane adding a Cosplay Chess demonstration along with the Cosplay Fashion Show and Dance Party. The main event KuroNekoCon was held at Spokane Falls Community College on August 4th and 5th. We were happy to bring in Darrell Guilbeau and G.K. Bowes as voice actors and Kazha a Japanese Rock band as guests. Our work continues on to 2013, stick with us to help make our history.